Joe Rogan Pushes Neil deGrasse Tyson Over UFO Skepticism [WATCH]

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Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson talk UFOs on the JRE podcast.

Joe Rogan pushed famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on why he is skeptical about UFOs and aliens visiting Earth during a recent conversation on the JRE podcast. Rogan, who has often talked about UFOs and other supernatural phenomenons on his podcast, asked Tyson what he thought about recent videos being surfaced from the military showing unexplained aerial objects.

“In the 1960s and 70s there were many, many reports of alien abductions. People said, ‘The aliens came to me and they brought me in and they released me.’ ‘Do you have any footage?’ ‘No, they took my camera.’ Or, ‘No, they zapped my film and now there’s no image on the film.’ But there were countless stories,” Tyson told Rogan during the JRE podcast episode #1658 posted to Spotify on May 26, 2021. “Well, now you can stream live from your camera anything that’s going on in front of. So if the aliens come and they want to abduct you, stream it. That would be instantly viral. Oh my gosh. The stuff that goes viral is much less than that. A kitten that jumps to the table and falls, that goes viral. You don’t think video footage of an alien is not going to go viral? Instantly? But there’s none.”

Tyson added, “So I’m just saying, I’m thinking, if we were being visited, somebody would have some good footage. If we were being visited, I’m thinking maybe Google satellite images would catch spaceships that are not airplanes moving on our surface. If we were being visited I’m thinking we’d have something better than fuzzy, monochromatic video of objects that apparently only reveal themselves to Navy pilots.”

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Tyson Told Rogan There Is ‘Insufficient Evidence to Excite My Research Interest’ but Says He Has ‘Not Stopped’ Other People From Looking Into the UFO Sightings

Rogan pushed back on Tyson with some theories as to why UFOs seem to keep getting spotted by Navy pilots.

“One of the reasons is most of these sightings occur far offshore in the ocean,” Rogan said. “And the speculation is, this is one of the ways, and obviously I’m going to put my tinfoil hat on nice and tight, this is one of the ways that they monitor us. The best way to do it is to do it, hold their base, where no one is around.”

Tyson responded, “If you are sure we are being visited by aliens and you don’t actually have really good evidence, then you have to say that, sure. You have to say, this is really happening and they’re observing us and they’re concealing themselves in this particular way. That’s your way to maintain your alien belief system by saying that.”

He added, “And I don’t have a problem with it. Go get them. But all of what has been put forward as evidence for aliens, to me is insufficient evidence to excite my research interest in devoting time to finding it out. But it definitely has excited other people. I have not stopped them. I am not saying defund the military program on UAPs, which of course is just updated UFO.”

Rogan said he doesn’t think there are actually aliens visiting the Earth, but that they could be probes like humans have sent into space to visit Mars and other far-off places.

“If you just think about biological entities flying through the universe, why do that? When you have sophisticated technology that’s good enough right now from our relativity primitive from what we think is possible a million years from now,” Rogan told Tyson. “But we can send that Mars rover around. We have a helicopter on Mars. There’s multiple satellites flying through the universe right now taking images. We can do all that.”

Tyson said, “But our probes are not targeting the Martian military fighter pilots.” Rogan said, “Because there’s no Martian military. But if there were, we certainly would.”

Tyson Told Rogan He Applies the Same Level of Scrutiny to the UFO Stories as He Would to Other Scientists’ Work

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Michael Loccisano/GettyNeil deGrasse Tyson visits Build to discuss “MasterClass” Critical Thinking and Practical Elements at Build Studio on December 18, 2019 in New York City.

Rogan also asked Tyson about the story from Navy pilot Commander David Fravor, a former JRE podcast guest, who said he and two other jets encountered UFOs off the USS Nimitz. The 2004 encounter is known as the “Tic Tac” UFO video.

“They tracked it going from 80,000 feet above sea level to 50 in less than a second. They have no idea how it moved,” Rogan said. “It was blocking their radar, it was actively blocking tracking.”

Tyson interjected, “This is what their sensors told them? Just be clear about that. You’re stating information as though it is facts…” Rogan said, “I’m stating information Commander Fravor relayed it.”

Tyson said, “I don’t care, he’s human and we’re all human here, but as a scientist, when you’re presenting information, you don’t say, ‘This thing was at 80,000 feet and it dropped to sea level in one second,’ or whatever it was … that’s the wrong way to report it. What you say is, ‘We have sensors that told us this is what happened.’ That’s a very important distinction.”

Tyson added, “If you’re just going to say, ‘There’s this craft at 80,000 feet,’ then everyone is thinking about a craft. And no one is thinking about the sensor.” Rogan said the pilots also saw it with their eyes. Tyson said, “But they didn’t see it at 80,000 feet.”

Tyson told Rogan, “This level of attention I’m giving to the detail and reporting of information, we do that with fellow scientists for much less than if we’re being visited by intelligent aliens from another planet. Go to a scientific conference and watch the level of scrutiny we put on other people’s work.”

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