Stan Lee is one of the most prolific comic book creators in history, with a career that began in 1939 and helped launch Marvel into a media juggernaut.

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Check out the celebs who showed up for Wizard World Comic Con 2014 (Atlanta)!

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Marvel Comics next slate of video games showed up at SDCC 2013.

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In a surprising development, Stan Lee’s former company has stepped forward to claim the actual rights to the superheroes used in recent years.

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Legendary comic book writer Stan Lee wants to assure his followers — he’s got a pacemaker and he’s kicking the Grim Reaper’s ass.

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Turns out Peter Parker is a major puss.

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Get ready to join The Avengers on May 4th with these animated series featuring some of your favorite superheroes, all available for immediate Earth-saving on Netflix.

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You dare dislike the Son of Odin? Impossible, mortal.

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Certain actions (some of them completely absurd and unfounded in anything resembling real human behavior) have become so overused in movies and television that they’ve actually…

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Every week, I scour Netflix for a movie rated at one star and put it in my queue, suffering through it for your entertainment so that you don’t have to. In the past, I’ve taken on anime cancer demons…

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