Viewers will decide whether this show lives or dies.

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Of course George A. Romero made the list.

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It’s time to take some movies home – can you imagine? Even fifty years ago, the concept of taking a motion picture to your domicile and watching it in privacy…

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It’s movie time! Time to pretend that Twizzlers and Sprite constitute a meal! Time to turn off your Goddamned cell phone for once – yes, iPhone guy, this means you. Time to shut off your brain and let the salty genius of Hollywood wash over your brain for somewhere around two hours!

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It’s not so often that I’m psyched enough about a movie to, you know, read about it on the Internet. Usually I just watch a trailer, get semi-frothed, and go see it. But man, am I alone in thinking that Zombieland might just be what the world needs to get us out of the Goddamned horror remake slump?…

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