WATCH: Could These Be The Real Cases For The iPhone 5C?

Ladies and gentleman, we may have finally gotten our first official look at Apple’s rumored iPhone 5C. Found on iCu’s Youtube channel, this video showcases the multiple colors that this low cost option could come in. The narrator reiterates information we already know about the phone such as the features and comparing it to its predecessor but the iPhone 5C will certainly have plenty to offer customers this fall based on the numerous color options if this is true.

RUMOR: Apple Permanently Replacing iPhone 5 with Cheaper Phone (iPhone 5C)?

Analyst Mingchi Kuo has a great track record when it comes to Apple but his report states that the company will be trying a new strategy this fall.

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Recently, multiple videos have surfaced online in regards to the iPhone 5C but only a few appeared this authentic. They’ve ranged from comparing the gadget to a new tablet along with testing its durability under numerous scratch tests. The colors certainly match up with previous reports but the crisp quality of the video combined with thorough examination lends a considerable amount of credibility to iCu’s report.

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The official announcement for Apple’s newest slate of smartphones is set to take place September 10th.

iPhone 5C Rumors: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

The iPhone 5C is one of two new smartphones Apple may ship to stores this fall. Here's what you should know about the "cheap iPhone."

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