WATCH: Steve Jobs Gives First iPhone Keynote in 2007

It’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs only passed away two years ago but the wave of hysteria he launched with the iPhone lives on. This video surfaced online showing the tech titan presenting the first famous Apple smartphone at its annual keynote in 2007. Shown in its entirety and posted by Michael Noriega, the prolific mogul explains to a packed audience why this product will be the most revolutionary piece of technology we will ever see.

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One interesting element of this video is the appearance of Eric Schmidt. The current Google president worked at the creative company as part of its board of directors before leaving to help run the colossal search engine. Google and Apple are known to be rivals but Schmidt said the relationship with his former employer is improving.

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With the record-breaking sales of the iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c last weekend, its pretty amazing watching this video seeing how far these phones have advanced. Under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple has much more in store for us despite its founders passing. This video preserves his memory and we remember why we love Apple.

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iOS 7.2 has created another lock screen glitch where users can hack iPhones with Siri or voice control features from another Apple device.

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