Best Black Friday Smartphone Deals: 10 Offers You Need to Know

Whether you want an Apple or an Android, there are some amazing options this Black Friday for smarts phones. Check out the 10 best deals here.

1. Best Buy’s $30 HTC One


2. Best Buy’s $52 iPhone 5c


3. Wal-Mart’s Galaxy S3 — Where You Get $93


4. Best Buy’s Free Galaxy S4


5. Best Buy’s $300 No-Contract Galaxy S3


6. Wal-mart’s Moto X – Get Paid $50


7. Wal-Mart’s Samsung Mega — Get Paid $20


8. Target’s $179 iPhone 5s — With $30 Gift Card


9. Target’s $39 Galaxy S4


10. Walmart’s Smashing iPhone Deals

iPhone 5s is $189 with $100 Wal-Mart gift card, iPhone 5c is $46 with $100 gift card. Plus, you can trade in any phone for up to $300.

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