The Top 10 Alternatives to LogMeIn

After LogMeIn started charging users, multiple people have been searching for free alternatives. (Getty)

After LogMeIn started charging users, multiple people have been searching for free alternatives. (Getty)

LogMeIn’s decision today to start charging users, the twittersphere has been going crazy with users who are used to free services searching for a new software to use in place of what used to be known as the most popular free remote desktop service on the web. We’ve gone ahead and tried out these 10 web applications and software that are still free … for now.

1. NoMachine

Price: Free
NoMachine is the newest of the remote desktop softwares and has the ability to access PCs from your Mac and vice versa.

2. TeamViewer

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Price: Free for private use
Probably the second mpost used software next to LogMeIn, TeamViewer has been a user favorite for PC users for years. Though for businesses the price can get a bit steep, about $749 too steep. The price goes up from there for premium users.

3. Mikogo

Price: Free for private use
Mikogo is a cross-platform software that is free for private users, but just like TeamViewer, begins to charge high prices for businesses.

4. RemotePC

Price: Free
Remote PC allows you to access your PC and Mac from anywhere including your mobile device and can support multiple remote computers in real-time.

5. Splashtop

Price: Free for 6 months, $1.99 per month after that
Rated on the AppleStore and Google Play as #1 for both downloads and remote access viewers, Splashtop allows you to access your desktop through your mobile device and multiple computers.

6. AmmyAdmin

Price: Free
AmmyAdmin is primarily used for system administration, webinars and instant remote desktop connection .

7. CrossLoop

Price: Free
CrossLoop has advanced technical support teams that they hail as the best in the business. They offer free remote desktop service and screen sharing, but require monthly payment for their Pro service bundle.

8. imPcRemote

Price: Free
imPcRemote enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers free for personal AND businesses, but only for a few computers. Using it on multiple computers or trying to customize it and you will have to buy it.

9. Real VNC

Price: Free
Interaction is limited for free RealVNC users, but it’s good for just the basics. You can access your PC or MAc desktop from mobile devices and up to 2 computers.

10. Chrome Remote Desktop

Crome Remote (free) copy
Price: Free
A Google app that is great, simply because it involves no hard drive space. Managed through the Chrome App Store, the service is easy to use and cross-platform friendly.

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  1. Thanks!
    I’d draw your attention to TV and it’s free alternative
    AERO admin (which is by the way free for business as well).

  2. I want to admit Ammyy Admin. It is the fastest way to establish connection. I can even connect to remote computers even if they don’t have real IP. The soft is transparent for all Firewalls. Also there is no need to make additional adjustments to ports or NAT settings. It is really the easiest app.

  3. I discovered Splashtop for Business and I have been very pleased with it. It is everything I need and more — remote control, remote printing, file transfer. I had been a LogMeIn customer for seven or more years and I had recommended it to others. Last year I paid LMI about $175 for “Pro” access to five computers and this year it was going to cost $349 to renew the same thing, which prompted me to look for alternatives. (By the way, I received no email notification of this dramatic price increase, I noticed on my LMI control panel that my subscription was about to renew and, fortunately in time, I went looking for the details.)

    I am delighted with Splashtop Business — it is faster and easier to use than LMI and costs $60/yr for access to 10 remote computers. (There are many other subscription options.) I have moved two businesses so far over to Splashtop and I expect to move another one before year end when its LMI subscription comes up for renewal. It is a shame when a company with a good product gets greedy, as LMI seems to have done. Look at their financials: revenues and profits up over 30% 1Q16 over 1Q15. You can produce that kind of result short-term with dramatic price increases as they have done but I’ll be very surprised if that is sustainable long-term as they continue to drive away their long-term customers. I am happy to pay a reasonable price for a good product and Splashtop has met my needs so far very well. I am not an employee, shareholder, or in any way affiliated with Splashtop.

  4. ScreenConnect Free was recently released. I’ve been using the self-hosted version for years and it is the next best thing to sliced bread :).

  5. Surprised that (Techinline) is not on the list. I’ve been a long term user of this tool since LMI’s prices started going up. Never had a single issue with it.