15 Best Nail Polishes for French Gel Nails

The beauty of French gel nails is the versatility. It’s a look that goes with every outfit and works for a casual coffee date with friends or a formal wedding. As a style of nude nails that was meant to go with all outfit changes, French manicures and long-lasting gel nail polish are made for each other. If you’re not confident in your brush skills, nail dipping powder sets often have tools that make it effortless and foolproof as well as lasting longer than gel polish.

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French manicure fun fact: 

The French manicure is not French. It was invented in America, most believe by Jeff Pink (the founder of Orly polish) in the 1970's.

When filming movies, it was time-consuming to change an actor's nail polish to match their wardrobe when going from scene to scene. Jeff Pink game up with the neutral base and white tip look that could be kept consistent throughout the entire film while still looking polished and sharp.

The trend was picked up by the public and named after being featured in a Paris fashion show.

Today, it's not nearly as popular in France where it's commonly referred to as an "American manicure."

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