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11 Best Salon Reception Desks (2023)

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Your salon reception desk is your first visual impression. The quality of all your salon furniture is important, from stylist chairs down to salon anti-fatigue mats, but your front desk is the place where your clients pay for your services, and where they decide whether or not they want to make another appointment.

This is where you need to have your best foot forward to make the best possible impression as they’re walking out the door, carrying with them the possibility of more word-of-mouth recommendations.

What Are the Best Salon Reception Desks?

White Nordic desk with beauty product display case Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Editor's top pick
  • Built-in display case
  • Made of real wood
Price: $2,568.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
white and black smaller reception booth with led panel Amazon Customer Reviews
  • No assembly needed
  • Stunning LED panel
  • Real wood
Price: $2,049.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
thre piece tan and white desk set with hutch and coffee table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Full office set
  • Locking storage
  • Fills out a space
Price: $1,999.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black marble standing front desk Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cheap
  • Marble patterning
  • Storage and shelving
Price: $329.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White and black curved desk Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stylish curved design
  • Backlit LED panels
  • Huge workspace
Price: $7,599.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Grey desk with floating counter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Real quartz surface
  • Stylish floating counter
  • Color and size choices
Price: $2,999.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Glowing white reception desk in office Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stunning glowing glass
  • Good for spas
  • Writing counter and workspace
Price: $3,785.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White and patterned grey reception counter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good for small spaces
  • Made in America
  • Nice storage
Price: $2,949.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Warm wooden reception desk with floating glass counter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lots of work kspace
  • Keyboard shelf
  • Floating check counter
Price: $2,248.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White curved desk with LED panel Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact
  • LED lights
  • Choice of colors
Price: $1,825.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black desk with elevated metal counter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Storage
  • Locking drawer
  • Floating counter
Price: $685.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Nordic Simplicity Reception Desk

    • Our top pick
    • Built-in display case for products
    • Solid wood contruction
    • Two locking drawers
    • No place for customers to write
    • Not much storage
    • No keyboard shelf

    If you want your salon reception area to double as a display case, check out this Nordic Simplicity Desk. The counter has three shelves prominently displayed behind glass to one side which would be perfect for showcasing products, sales, and other promotions. I like that the case isn’t centered on the desk because that way it’s not blocked by the person busy paying and people behind them can still see inside.

    It lacks a writing counter, putting a bit more distance between the receptionist and the client and reducing the surfaces that need to be cleaned. Instead, there are these gorgeous, geometric gold bars.

    Behind the counter, there are two large locking drawers, a desktop workspace, and an open area with room for legs.


    • Length: 43.3 inches long
    • Height: 31.4 inches tall to the desk – 39.3 inches tall including the bars
    • Depth: 19.6 inches deep
  2. 2. Revival Salon Desk by Dream In Reality

    • Arrives fully assembled
    • Eye-catching LED panel
    • Colors to choose from
    • keyboard shelf and locking storage
    • Counter covers up a lot of the desk
    • May not fit with all decor
    • Heavier than others

    Anything but plain, the Revival Salon Desk was inspired by the class of the Victorian era which continues to be a benchmark for sophistication. If your goal is to have your reception station catch people’s eye, this is definitely an attention-getter. I’m featuring their Vintage White model which is a creamy white with stunning black accents. It makes a statement that your clients are going to receive top-quality, luxury service at your salon.

    The real wood construction is painted and intricately carved. The metal accents are actually detailed carvings in the wood that have been painted silver, which saves you on weight and price while still getting that opulent look. The center panel is frosted tempered glass back-lit by color-changing LED lights. Victorian? No. Awesome? Yes.

    On the opposite side, you have a desk area with a sliding keyboard shelf, a cable management hole, one drawer without a lock, one lockable drawer, two cabinets, and space for a chair. The overhang of the counter covers about half of the desk area so keep that in mind if you have tall items on your desk.

    The Revival is also available in Meteor Black, Full White, and Full Black. If you like the shape of this, but would prefer something a little less ornate, check out their Alex Desk.

    Maybe the best part is that these desks come fully assembled so you can take it out of the box, put it where you want it in your salon, and set up is done.


    • Length: 55 inches long
    • Height: 43 inches tall
    • Depth: 20.25 inches deep
  3. 3. Casa Mare 3-Piece Leon Desk Set

    • Desk, hutch, and coffee table
    • Tons of storage for files
    • Large workspace
    • Several styles and colors
    • Too many pieces for some
    • Assembly instructions aren't great
    • Needs lots of space

    If you’ve got a large reception area to fill, consider getting a bundled set like this Casa Mare Three-Piece Leon Office Suite. It includes an L-shaped desk, a six-filing cabinet hutch, and a matching coffee table.

    The desk has a large tabletop workspace and three, stacked locking drawers on one side. There’s a wire management hole to keep things looking tidy and there’s plenty of leg room for an office chair. You can tie your waiting room decor in with your reception area using the included matching coffee table. 

    For offices that need to keep track of a lot of files or has paperwork to organize, this included hutch is a dream come true. It’s made up of six filing cabinets with a nice long surface on top. 

    Each piece comes together with a matching color palette of warm wood patterning and brilliant white. The furniture is made of particle board with durable water-resistant laminate. Being particle board, this set will need to be assembled so you’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re considering timing your order. 

    If you like the idea of extra storage but don’t have a need for that many filing cabinets, consider Casa Mare’s Elise or Atlas set. These rustic models include a desk and coffee table as well as more cabinet-style storage. They’re also slightly smaller.


    • Desk: 86.6 inches long, 62.9 inches deep at the L, and 29.5 inches tall
    • Hutch: 98 inches long, 17.3 inches deep, and 35 inches tall
    • Coffee table: 35.4 inches long, 23.6 inches deep, and 15.75 inches tall
  4. 4. Homsee Marble Reception Hutch

    • Affordable
    • Locking drawers
    • Nice storage space
    • Looks and feels cheaper
    • Needs to be assembled
    • No writing area for clients

    When you’re on a budget, sometimes you’ve got to settle for what you can afford and this Homsee Marble Patterned Reception Hutch combines a nice low price tag and an attractive result. 

    For the price, it offers a surprising amount of storage with three drawers (two that are locking), one cabinet, a large elevated storage space by the floor, and organizing shelves on the surface of the desk. It’s a compact solution with a desk and storage space without any flashy extras.

    It’s made of money-saving fiberboard and a marble-patterned laminate to help dress up this budget choice. This does require assembly, and if you tend to hate this type of thing, make sure you bring along someone who doesn’t as it can be a little tricky with all these pieces.

    Standing desks can place your receptionists closer to clients so don’t forget to pick up a checkout counter plexiglass shield.


    • Length: 47.2 inches long
    • Height: 43.3 inches tall
    • Depth: 18.9 inches deep
  5. 5. Collins Studio J LED Curved Reception Desk

    • Stunning curved and backlit design
    • Lots of storage
    • Choice of 48 colors
    • Made in the USA
    • Pricier than others
    • Too big for some salons
    • Longer shipping times

    Everyone loves a round reception desk like the Collins Studio J. They’re elegant, stately, and classy. This made-in-America desk is no exception with three elevated sides with backlight LED panels for a truly dramatic effect. 

    If you need a solid workspace as well, you’ll love what this has to offer. On the opposite side of this stylish facade, there’s a huge workstation with two filing cabinets, a sliding keyboard tray, drawer, cubby, and a two-door storage cabinet. Each of the three panels has a cord management opening and even has built-in storage designed for retail bags.

    Collins desks are made to order so if this black and white color scheme isn’t working for you, you can choose from 48 different laminate colors and patterns including neutral tones, bright red, woodgrains, and marble.


    • Length: 72 inches long
    • Depth: 25 inches deep
    • Height: 44 inches tall
  6. 6. Golden Wind Quartz Stone Reception Desk

    • High-end quartz counter
    • Choice of size and color
    • Adjustable height legs
    • Large workspace
    • No storage
    • Too big for some
    • No keyboard tray

    If you’re tired of looking at front desks that are entirely made of particle board and laminate, Golden Wind’s Quartz Stone Reception Desk has a floating writing counter of quartz stone. This writing counter is the surface that your clients interact with so that’s the one the splurge on good materials for. The manufactured quartz is the same stone that is used in high-end kitchen countertops and has a crystal flecked, 3D look to it. If they’re touching quartz, they’re not going to notice that the rest of the desk is standard particleboard. 

    The desk mixes smooth quartz with steel supports, steel trim, a modern grey geometric front panel, and a warm woodgrain workspace. There’s a spacious workspace and a cable management opening in one corner. This one doesn’t offer any storage or shelving so if that’s on your wishlist, you’ll want to go elsewhere. 

    This desk comes in two sizes. I’ve featured the larger 71-inch version but if that’s a little bulky for your space, there’s a smaller 63-inch model. It comes in this trendy grey color as well as white.


    • Length: 71 inches or 63 inches long
    • Depth: 34 inches deep
    • Height: 41 inches tall
  7. 7. Kansole Crystal Glass Reception Desk

    • Good choice for a spa
    • Large workspace
    • Glowing glass sets ambiance
    • Client writing counter
    • Pricier
    • No built-in storage
    • LED won't show up in bright salon

    The Kansole Crystal Glass Reception Desk would be a nice choice as a spa reception table in an environment where the lighting is a little softer. How relaxing is that glow? That gentle lighting is achieved by a panel of tempered glass against white with a light behind it. 

    Beyond the gorgeous first impression, the desk offers lots of workspace. There’s a writing counter that spans the entire length of the desk and is wide enough to take payments or hold plants, brochures, or other materials. Behind the counter is a lower desk with a deep workstation. There’s plenty of room for your reception staples and a cord management grommet in the corner. The downside to this desk is that it has no built-in storage.


    • Length: 70 inches long
    • Depth: 34 inches deep
    • Height: 41 inches at its tallest
  8. 8. Collins Kurve Standing Reception Counter

    • Nice pick if tight for space
    • Stylish etched glass panel
    • Built for standing
    • Cabinet storage with keyboard tray
    • Not built for sitting
    • Not much counter space
    • Pricier than others

    The Kurve Desk by Collins is a standing reception area built to fit into even the tightest salons. It has an interesting mix of finishes with a metallic silver writing counter, laminate body, metal mid-century modern legs, and an eye-catching etched glass accent panel.

    At only 33 inches wide, the Kurve is sized to not take up much space but pack a visual punch with its etched pattern and stylish legs. If it were on wheels, it would look a little bit like a salon cart.

    On the opposite side, you have a large, two-door cabinet storage space, a desktop workspace area, a cable management opening, and a sliding keyboard tray. 

    This piece is created to order in the USA so it will take a little longer to obtain than brands that simply have a warehouse overseas of cheaper flatpack models all stacked up. That also means you can customize your desk by choosing the color and pattern laminate of the body and writing counter. 


    • Length: 33 inches long
    • Depth: 31 inches deep
    • Height: 42 inches tall
  9. 9. Napoli Office Reception Desk by Mayline

    • Clean, Italian-influenced style
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Warm wood veneers
    • Keyboard shelf
    • On the larger side
    • Needs assembly
    • Heavy

    Mayline’s Napoli Desks offers a clean, natural wood look with an Italian influence. The warm mahogany veneer features soft curved lines and a floating, frosted tempered glass counter.

    A classic look helps it fit in with any decor and the beveled edges and metal striping help keep it from looking too heavy. The surface has a 1.1-inch thick veneer that is protected by two coats of catalyzed lacquer to protect your workstation for years to come. On the other side of the desk, you have a long, open workspace with a keyboard shelf and cord management hole.

    It’s longer than most of the desks on here so it’s good if you have the space and have a full-time receptionist. The Napoli Reception Desk comes with a limited lifetime warranty and needs some assembly.


    • Length: 87 inches long
    • Height: 42.75 inches tall
    • Depth: 37 inches deep
  10. 10. Gattino Beauty Salon Desk by Dream In Reality

    • Glowing LED frosted glass panel
    • Modern, asymmetrical design
    • Compact
    • Drawers, counter, and shelving
    • No natural wood options
    • Maybe too small for some
    • Not everyone is into a glowing desk

    The Gattino by Dream In Reality has a modern, asymmetrical design that is functional and trendy. There’s a large panel of frosted tempered glass on the front giving it a very clean appearance.

    An LED lighting system behind the glass allows your station to have a relaxing, but eye-catching, glow. This is something DIR does a lot of and the effect is stunning. The low, curved counter on the right side is a perfect space to conduct your point of sale and other interactions with clients.

    The taller section of the desk has an elevated glass shelf which keeps the desk looking airy and would be good for any displays you want directly in your clients’ line of sight.

    On the other side of the desk, you’re looking at an ADA-approved workstation. It has two drawers (one locking which is great for holding cash), a long desktop, a sliding keyboard shelf, three larger open storage spaces, and a cable management hole. There’s plenty of room for a laptop, tablet, scheduling materials, and phone.

    While there is some assembly required, it’s very little since the two main pieces of the desk arrive assembled and you only need to connect them with a few screws and mount the thin glass shelf. (Yes, I actually looked through the instruction manual to check.)

    Gattino is a compact desk for small spaces where every square foot matters. It also comes in Black.


    • Length: 63 inches long
    • Height: 43 inches tall – Lower counter is 33.5 inches tall
    • Depth: 25 inches deep
  11. 11. Espresso Reception Desk by DFS Designs

    • Stands out
    • Lots of storage space
    • Desk space with lockable drawer
    • Affordable
    • Made of fiber board
    • No keyboard shelf
    • Needs assembly

    DFS Designs’ Espresso Reception Desk has subtle silver floating check writing shelf and silver-white square accent on the front that helps your desk stand out with a modern, almost industrial look. This white square is also an ideal place to put the name of your salon.

    On the back, you have a large open workspace area with plenty of room for a computer and it has a cable management opening. It is made of fiberboard so it won’t feel as luxurious as others but the workstation and side panels are scratch, stain, and water-resistant.

    It’s also available in cream with a slate front panel.


    • Length: 66 inches long
    • Height: 44 inches tall
    • Depth: 30 inches deep
  • How Do I Choose the Right Salon or Spa Reception Desk?

  • Any salon equipment is an important investment so I've pulled together a list of things to consider.

What Is Your Salon's Current Style?

Your salon has its own style that is individual to you and you'll want to find a desk that both matches the decor and projects the emotion you want your clients to feel.

Are you going for a clean, minimalist look? Go for something sleep and black. 

Feeling more of a vintage salon chair type of vibe? There are some really nice antique-style pieces like DIR's Revival.

Have a more Asian-inspired spa atmosphere? Collin's Alta Desk has a shoji rice paper wall look.

When choosing the best reception desks on sale right now, I've grabbed a cross-section of styles from streamlined black to modern to ornate.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Reception desks come in all sizes from narrow podiums to long, curving desks with room for several workstations. Before ordering the desk you love the look of most, make sure that you have the space for it and that it provides the kind of space your receptionist will need to work effectively.

I'm a strong proponent of digging out your tape measure and painters' tape any time I'm ordering furniture.

Use the tape to block off the measurements of the desk on the floor of your salon to make sure you feel good about the fit of it in your space.

What Function Do You Need Your Reception Desk for Salons to Serve?

What's behind the desk is as important as what's in front of it. What are your must-haves?

Some things to consider putting on your wishlist are shelving, filing cabinets, lockable drawers for cash, keyboard trays, cord management openings, and product display areas.

If your desk is for an office that provides medical care, you'll need to make sure your records are kept in HIPPA-compliant locking cabinets.

What's Your Budget Looking Like?

Front desk furniture options range from a couple hundred bucks to five figures. We've included models from all across the spectrum so whatever your budget, there should be something on here to suit you.

This huge array of prices has to do with factors like:

  • Size
  • Does it need to be assembled?
  • Storage features
  • Materials (plastic, particle board, real wood)
  • Where it was built (China vs American made)
  • Extras (lights, separate pieces)

When budgeting for a new desk, there's no reason to ignore any chance of a discount. If you're not already aware of Amazon Business Accounts, they're free, for businesses of all sizes, allow for multiple linked accounts, and qualify you for exclusive business discounts.

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