Aobosi Prime Day Deal: $120 Off 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

Aobosi prime day deal

Serious wine lovers know that keeping their bottles stored at the perfect temperature is an ideal way to ensure they’ll taste like you hoped when you purchased them. The Aobosi bottle wine cooler is a compact built-in that stores 28 bottles at a time, allowing for easy access to open and enjoy a bottle whenever you want.

Right now, with this Aobosi Prime Day Deal, you’ll save a whopping $120 on this awesome kitchen upgrade that can easily fit into compact cupboard spaces.

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Save $120 on the Aobosi 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

Large Capacity in a Compact Space

Aobosi Prime Day Deal

Aobosi28 Bottle Capacity

With a 28 bottle capacity, this wine cooler is ideal for even smaller spaces as you can use it as a built-in or leave it freestanding. At just 15 inches wide, it features a seamless stainless steel door frame. The double tempered glass door makes it easy to keep tabs on your wine inventory and restock when necessary. It also allows you to consistently view the temperature settings thanks to the digital control panel. This sleek design is ideal for most modern kitchens as it coordinates well with other stainless steel appliances.

Dual-Zone Technology and Ultra-Quiet Operation

With dual cooling zones, it’s easy to set the upper and lower zone temperatures independently using the simple touch control panel. The upper zone operates at 41-54 degrees Fahrenheit and is ideal for semi-sweet wine, sparkling wines, and white wines, while the lower zone at 54-68 degrees Fahrenheit works well for storing dry and semi-dry reds as well as brandy and port. Depending on bottle sizes, you can adjust or remove the internal beechwood shelves to accommodate your collection.

A three-dimensional cooling system ensures that each corner of the wine cabinet maintains a constant temperature. Unlike many wine coolers, this one operates so quietly – at just 42 decibels, which is even quieter than normal conversation. The powerful compressor in this unit cools drinks fast so you can enjoy them sooner.

Temperature Memory Function

While this electric wine cellar features digital controls for both zones, it also features a temperature memory function. That means if your power goes out, when it’s restored, this cooler will immediately revert to the previous settings ensuring your wine stays properly chilled at all times.

Safety for Your Family

For those wine lovers with children, the Aobosi wine cooler comes with safety built in. The base of the door features a security lock to ensure that only adults can remove bottles. If you’re one who stores very expensive wines, it will also keep them safe from a break-in. Internal lights also make the unit easy to see in the dark, so a nighttime trip to the kitchen won’t equal a fall.

Why Should You Get a Wine Cooler?

Wine coolers do a lot more than keep wines chilled, they literally help wine slowly develop and reach its maximum flavor potential. They’re especially helpful for wine lovers who live in hot and humid climates where keeping wine can be a lot more difficult. Unlike your regular fridge, these coolers cant double as food storage because they simply don’t get cold enough, but that’s the beauty of a wine fridge.

They’re built to caddy wines in order to keep flavors intact, according to this article by Ossiana Tepfenhart. And if you truly love wines, there’s no better time to get a wine cooler than with this Aobosi Prime Day Deal at 20% off the regular price.

Save $120 on Aobosi 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

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