Prime Day Deal: Save up to 35% on Herschel Backpacks

prime day herschel deals

New daily deals on Herschel backpacks just popped up forPrime Day 2020, which means that this savings event is far from over. That said, this deal is only available to Amazon Prime members for a limited time, so let’s get right to it and browse some deals.

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43% Off Herschel Heritage Backpack

herschel heritage backpack deal

The classic Herschel Heritage Backpack is currently double discounted through the end of Prime Day. First, it is 29 percent off MSRP. Then Amazon Prime members can take an additional $9.28 off. That comes out to about 43 percent off MSRP. Those are some serious savings!

Buy the Herschel Heritage Backpack here

20% Off Herschel Tyler RFID Wallet

herschel tyler wallet

The Herschel Tyler RFID Wallet is one of the most popular products from this brand, making it a great gift to check off your holiday shopping list early. This is even more true while it is 20 percent off. After all, every wallet owner should know: a penny saved is a penny earned.

Buy the Herschel Tyler RFID Wallet here

30% Off Herschel Classic Backpack

herschel classic backpack

Even Herschel’s Classic Backpack is on sale (as long as it is shipped from and sold by Amazon). Select colors can stack an active discount with a special Prime Day discount to get about 30 percent off MSRP price. That means now is a great time to upgrade your travel bag to something durable and long-lasting.

Buy the Herschel Classic Backpack here

30% Off Herschel Travel 20L Backpack

herschel travel

The Herschel Travel 20L Backpack is a great daypack for gallivanting around town or going on a short hike. It is compact and durable while being large enough still to hold a 15-inch laptop. The best part? It is available for 30 percent off MSRP in select colors.

Buy the Herschel Travel 20L Backpack here

30% Off Herschel Travel 30L Backpack

herschel travel backpack

Both the 20L and 30L versions of the Herschel Travel Backpack are on sale during Prime Day. So if you prefer to pack a little heavier when you commute or want to take advantage of the 15-inch laptop compartment, then this bag is the better choice. My favorite thing about this bag is that the main compartment zips all the way down for easy access to all contents.

Buy the Herschel Travel 30L Backpack here

20% Off Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit

herschel toiletry bag

The Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit is a useful travel accessory that brings the signature Herschel style to a 3L form factor. It is great for storing your travel essentials and with its discount price it is an easy backup gift to buy in advance of the holiday season in case you accidentally leave someone off your list.

Buy the Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit here

38% Off Herschel Gibson Messenger Bag

herschel gibson

The Herschel Gibson Messenger Bag was already on a pretty nice sale before Prime Day. And now, for a limited time, you can take an additional $14.16 off the original savings of 21 percent. This makes Prime Day the all-time low price for this item on Amazon.

Buy the Herschel Gibson Messenger Bag here

What Makes Herschel Backpacks So Great?

Herschel backpacks are a fairly new company, founded originally in 2009. And yet they are incredibly popular today, even more so than mainstays like JanSport. This leads the question to come up often of how Herschel got so popular?

The answer is that it is a well-designed product. This article from Slate crystallizes these concepts with some key quotes from Herschel co-founder Jamie Cormack. And that’s why it feels like this brand has been around forever.

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