The 100 Greatest Wrestling Themes Countdown: #20 – #11

Wrestling Themes

AW SNAP! We’re almost at the end of the entrance ramp, people! We’re about to ready to count down the greatest wrestling themes from numbers 20 through 11.

20. Edge/Edge & Christian – “You Think You Know Me”

“You think you know me…” I know I do, strange woman in the intro. I know I do. Edge and Christian are the masters of the five second pose. The perpetrators of the Con-Chair-To. The musical geniuses who know how to rock out with kazoos. They’re one of the greatest tag teams to ever exist during the lauded Attitude Era. Their theme instantly strikes a chord with me because I always looked forward to their entrance through the crowd.
19. The Hardy Boyz – “Loaded”

We now go from E&C to “Team Extreme.” The Hardy Boyz were the yin to their rival’s yang. Brothers Matt and Jeff took to the skies often and crash landed on any wrestler of any stature. Matt was the more grounded of the two, but he could lay down a mean leg drop. Jeff was the death defying member of the group, of course. This theme may be a stock song for TV ad’s, but wrestling fans still regard it as one of the best.
18. New Age Outlaws – “Oh, You Didn’t Know”

“OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW?” These four words tended to ignite the crowd back in the late 90’s period of wrestling. The “Road Dogg” Jesse James and his blond haired homie the “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn ran together as the New Age Outlaws. It seems like wrestling fans remember this squad more for their pre-match promo than their actual matches and title reigns. Don’t do these guys the disservice of ignoring their history, though. I’m glad they’re back on TV and coming out to this iconic wrestling theme.
17. Mr. McMahon – “No Chance In Hell”

The boss. The creative force behind the biggest wrestling company in the the world. And the man who will fire your ass, then make you kiss it. Vince McMahon (or as he likes to be called, Mr. McMahon). Mr. McMahon was once a chirpy, excited ringside commentator for his line of TV shows. After the Montreal Screwjob went down, fans got a glimpse at the “real” nature of the WWE’s boss. His theme set the ground rules perfectly – you have no choice in hell of getting one over on him.
16. “Macho Man” Randy Savage – “Pomp and Circumstance”

HOW IS THIS MAN NOT IN THE WWE HALL OF FAME YET? I know, I know. “Politics.” Pretty lame reason, if you ask me. “Macho Man” Randy Savage was the man. I preferred him over his red and yellow rival, plus his interview sessions were non-nonsensical but golden. “Cup uh coffee yeah, cup uh coffee.” Randy Savage was involved in some of the greatest matches and feuds I’ve ever followed and he’s sorely missed. Every time I graduated, I made sure to wiggle my finger in the sky. You gotta show some love to the “Mach” and this everlasting theme song.

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15. The Ultimate Warrior – “Unstable”

He’s out of his mind. His undisputed power is derived from the gods above. He is without equal. He is…The Ultimate Warrior. While he wasn’t the greatest technician in the ring during his WWF run, he was still an entertaining personality out of it. Warrior lifted the spirits of everyone who watched him, thanks to his epic sprint to the ring. His theme song should be the perfect tune excited joggers should get inspired to.

14. Goldberg – “Invasion”

Goldberg was most definitely, “The Man.” While WCW’s competition had a certain bald badass running roughshod over the wrestling world, they managed to introduce a hairless brute of their own. ‘Berg is best known for his streak, the Spear and the ever frightening Jackhammer. And his entrance (which was filled with door punching and security escorts) led the fans to chant his name alongside this theme.
13. Triple H/Chyna – “My Time”

It was definitely Hunter’s time once this hard edged theme came along. Triple H’s move to the higher echelons of wrestling made him the legend his is today. During his run at the top from 1999-2000, he was untouchable. “The Game” kept Chyna by his side while he handed out plenty of ruthless beatdowns and disparaging promos. “My Time” is one of the best songs to ever come from the Attitude Era.
12. Ric Flair – “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

The legendary “Nature Boy” has been in this wrestling thing for decades. Ric Flair has been styling and profiling before some of you were even born. Ric has never deviated from this unforgettable theme and that’s a good thing (shout out to DDP). Flair’s Hall of Famer status will never come into question – he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. This theme is forever tied to good ol’ Naitch. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
11. Edge – “Metalingus”

Man, I miss Edge! I’m sure everyone has followed his climb from tag team wrestling to singles championship status like I have. The “Ultimate Opportunist” has come a long way and he deserved to finally capture the WWE Championship. Edge’s mighty singles run was made even better when he adopted this Alter Bridge-helmed theme song. The lyrics explain Edge’s climb to the upper echelon quite well.

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