Amanda Bynes: ‘I’m Allergic to Alcohol and Drugs’

Another day, another batsh*t Twitter assault from Amanda Bynes, heiress to Lindsey Lohan’s throne of celebrity insanity.

This time she’s setting the record straight about her recent arrest for allegedly smoking weed in her building and chucking a bong out the window, which led to her appearing in court looking like this:

But the charges are lies! All lies! So she’s suing everyone involved, including the NYPD. But more interesting in her assertion that Bynes — infamous for her altered states — is “allergic to alcohol and drugs.”

Other highlights of her recent correspondence:

• She’s also suing her apartment building!

• She’s getting (another) nose job!

• She’s appearing in upcoming music videos as a singer/rapper!

• She likes exclamation points!

Read the whole rant here:

amanda bynes suing everybody allergic to drugs