Amanda Bynes Latest Twitter War: Perez Hilton Feud

Amanda Bynes, Perez Hilton

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Amanda Bynes has been the topic of conversation for quite some time, getting both rave reviews and boos from Hollywood. Perez Hilton is the latest victim in hurricane Bynes and has made that apparent across the Twitter nation. The notoriously blunt celebrity blogger definitely has had a lot to say about the every move Bynes has made in and out of the media lately. Now the tables have turned since Hilton decided to chat with OMGInsider about his “scary” friendship with Bynes.

It’s no wonder that Bynes is upset that her “friend” would reveal her private life to the media amidst all her recent turmoil. In the latest tweet from the star, she exclaims that Hilton was not her friend at all.

Days ago, Bynes tweeted about the celebrity bloggers constant posts about her as well.

Perez Hilton didn’t take this lying down though. He had a few tweets as well.

Apparently, their Twitter war has been going on for weeks.

Perez Hilton, Amanda Bynes

This should be quite the interview with Hilton tonight.

Another victim of the Twitter world in the last 24 hours was model Christine Teigen.

Teigen held her own and even pleaded to fans to let her handle the situation herself in several tweets regarding Bynes.

Teigen was also sure to address Bynes herself.

Another feud had erupted when Courtney Love tweeted for the former actress to “pull it together”, Bynes was clearly not pleased.

On an interesting note, Courtney Love then somewhat takes back what she said in a tweet to the public, allegedly about Bynes and her recent troubles.

This apparently struck a tender nerve in some of Hollywood, prompting a response from Alyssa Milano offering her assistance in any way she can help.

Now it seems that celebrities are actually in Bynes’ corner as opposed to torturing the star in the media. Nonetheless, former child actress Mara Wilson, who many of us know as “Matilda”, wanted to give her insight on the whole “child star” situation.

The NY Daily News also reports about Wilson’s explanation about what may be driving behind Bynes’ latest behavior.

In the wake of Amanda Bynes’ recent arrest and social media meltdowns, former child star Mara Wilson, known for her roles in “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Matilda,” “Nine Months,” opens up on what it’s like to be in the spotlight at such a young age and why stars like Bynes and Lindsay Lohan rebel later in life.

Rapper Gucci Mane tweets his praises of Bynes in support of her.

This must have sent Bynes over the moon as she’s recently revealed her aspirations of becoming a rapper.