PHOTOS: Check Out This Insane New Marvel/DC Wall Mural in Brooklyn

Comic Book Wall Mural

Comic Book Wall Mural

We spotted this awesome in-progress wall mural this morning in Brooklyn. It’s not finished yet, but so far looks like it will be an incredible sight to behold. Of course we hurried to get our smart phone out in time to document what’s going with this superhero-themed art project.

The Incredible Hulk seems to be the focus of wall art, but there’s visibly more comic book faces on this mural (is that Superman?). Check out the the production of this cool project on the wall of the Williamsburg Cinemas Movie theater on Driggs Avenue.

Go ahead and Google map your trip over there beforehand, too. The movie theater was recently built, so the map below isn’t actually up to date. But trust us, the theater and its wall art are totally there.

By the way — we totally mapped it out for you already:

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