Dancing With The Stars Results: 5/8/13 Live Blog

Breaking News! DWTS will totally change it up next season. Instead of having a two-hour episode on Mondays with a results show on Tuesdays, they’re going to pack it all in to Monday’s two-hour episodes. Thoughts?

DWTS Celebrates its 300th episode tonight! Happy Birthday, DWTS!

Is that Louis Van Amstel? Everyone’s back for the 300th episode, huh? 9:02pm

Joey Fatone and Carlton Banks in the front row, huh? 9:04pm

Mmmmm can’t get enough of those suspenders on Derek. 9:05pm

Jacoby and Karina are safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:07pm

Work it, Cheryl! 9:11pm

Thank you, Len! Encore Argentine Tango with Derek and Kellie! 9:13pm

55 consecutive pirhouettes?! Holy crap! Raise your hand if you can do one. 9:15pm

That little girl is amazing! 9:19pm

Tony is always sexy… 9:22pm

Loving all the behind-the-scenes stuff. 9:24pm

Too funny. 9:25pm

Uh oh… Aly is a thief! 9:26pm

Ladies, dry off your seats… The Wanted is performing. 9:27pm

So, was their performance everything you “wanted”? 9:30pm

Likin’ Avril’s new song. 9:35pm

Yowza, Derek. 9:39pm

Yay! Kellie and Derek are in the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:40pm

Zendaya and Val in jeopardy… Zendaya does not look happy. 9:41pm

Is it hot in here, Gleb? 9:47pm

FYI… 9:50pm

Ingo and Kym are in jeopardy… Are Aly and Mark? Nope. 9:51pm

New drinking game: Take a shot every time someone makes a joke about stealing something. 9:52pm

I’m sad to say I think Ingo’s going home. 9:58pm

And I’m right. 9:59pm

Hi, Sean Lowe! 9:59pm

Finals Next Week!

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