Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s Final Film, ‘The World’s End,’ Gets A Trailer

It looks like the hilarious paring of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg will come to an end with one final film. The World’s End is the last movie to come from this superb screenwriter/acting team, but it’s a film that will go out with a bang.

The film follows a group of best friends that are now fully grown adults. They embark on a journey to reach a legendary pub they failed to reach in their youth – The World’s End. Plenty of “HA HA HA!” moments can be found in the debut trailer seen above. UK fans will get to see Wright and Pegg’s big screen swan song on July 19, while US fans will be able to see the film on August 23.

If you loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, then we’re sure you’ll love this film.

This funny (yet somber) tweet from Edgar Wright should spell out the end for everyone who can’t believe it’s true:

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