Justin Bieber Dates 22-Year-Old Married Woman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Justin Bieber

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Bad Bieber! According to sources, Justin got very comfortable with some chick in the lobby of Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving earlier in June. As we previously reported — Justin was recently spotted hacking up a scene at the skydiving center with his friends in L.A. But, who was among those friends?

1. Justin’s Mistress is Named Jordan Ozuna

Jordan Ozuna is now identified as the “mystery girl” spotted cuddling with Justin during his skydiving trip in early June. And, she’s apparently both a Las Vegas waitress and model! Look what Justin’s got his hands on now…

2. Jordan is Married!

It gets juicier from here. While 22-year-old Jordan Ozuna isn’t exactly in a relationship, she’s not exactly single either! The young woman’s mother-in-law, Kim Ozuna, told Celebuzz that Jordan and her son were high school sweethearts who got married way too young. However, due to their differences the couple has been separated for about a year. Phew! We were almost sure Justin was a heartbreaker and a homewrecker…

3.When She’s Not With Justin, Jordan Works as a Waitress…

Is Jordan just into Justin for the fame and the money?

Rumors claims the married woman only hung out with Justin for the glory of camera flashes and media attention! Do you think Jordan is only using Justin for his popularity?

4. Ozuna Denies The Rumors, Despite Seen Cuddling with J-Biebs

But, is Jordan denying rumors of hooking up with Justin because the two really are just friends, or, because Jordan’s still reportedly married and doesn’t want her husband to find her cheating! Not good…

5. Jordan Could Possibly Be Justin’s Cousin

Gross on gross on gross… It was recently posted on Twitter that Justin and alleged 22-year-old mistress Jordan are possibly related! We knew the two were closer judging by their canoodling earlier this June, but definitely not this close! Do you think the cuddling that happened between the two at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving was just a cousin-loving embrace or… was it more?

But, what does ex-girlfriend of two years Selena Gomez have to say about Justin’s recent dating behavior? Apparently, not so much! HollywoodLife reports on the matter, claiming Selena doesn’t care at all… she just wants Justin to move on and be happy. Although we kind of hate her for being so nice, Selena’s alleged reaction brought a tear to our eye.

Check out this video of what Selena had to say up-close and personal, from HollywoodLife.


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