Justin Bieber Says That he is ‘Done Being a Celebrity’

Justin Bieber

(Getty images)

Is Justin having a breakdown because of his haters?

Rumors about Justin’s state are spreading and it seems like fans are driving him up the wall. Has he really had enough? It would be a sad day to see the end of Justin’s successful music streak. Why are fans breaking him down when they should be building him up? For every hater there are two Beliebers standing right next to him, Justin, don’t give up!

Apparently some fans still have his back! Aside from all the negative drama, Justin collaborated on some music with Miley Cyrus recently, which she mentioned on the thebertshow.com last week. When the talk show host praised Miley’s easy going nature and free spirit regarding her fame, she responded:

…I just don’t put that much stress on myself, I just don’t let myself get that stressed out. Life’s too easy, life’s too good.

Check out the audio from her interview below!

That’s a great answer, Miley. We agree and we think maybe Justin could take a word of advice or two from her next time the two good friends collaborate!