The Bachelorette Boys:411 Run-down on Desiree Hartsock’s Men



Some have been let go all ready while many of them are still here. Nonetheless, we want to know all about the creeps, the hunks, and the sweethearts that Desiree Hartsock has to choose from on this season of The Bachelorette. Stay tuned tonight for our Live Blog and Top 10 Highlights. In the meantime, check out facts you should know about each of The Bachelorette men this season. Eat your heart out, Sean Lowe.

Ben Scott

Age: 28
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Fact You Didn’t Know: He had his son Brody with his best friend. The two dated in college and were surprised with Brody.
Bachelorette Status: We were rooting for him and his sweet “daddy” approach on the first episode, but Ben is not as he seems. Desiree has not seen his not-so-nice side yet and is currently crazy about him.
How To Stalk Him:

Brad McKinzie

This Post is from a suspended account. Learn more

This Post is from a suspended account. Learn more

Age: 27
Occupation: Accountant/DJ
Fact You Didn’t Know: The boy knows how to eat and he loves anything to do with food!
Bachelorette Status: He’s still here. He’s a little quiet, but super cute. Let’s see if he makes it another week.

Brandon Andreen

Age: 26
Occupation: Painting Contractor
Fact You Didn’t Know: Brandon actually made a bomb threat to a General Motors plant eight years ago, pretending to be an FBI agent. He claimed that there was a briefcase bomb located in an elevator shaft. Brandon was charged with a felony, but ended up with a misdemeanor and a $1,000 fine. ABC has yet to comment and Brandon insists that it was a misunderstanding. Brandon also has a DUI and a “driving with a revoked license” under his legal belt as well.
Bachelorette Status: Brandon was super emotional this past week, but Desiree was really into it and gave him a rose … or maybe she was just really into the thong he was wearing in their mock music video. Yes, we’re serious and so was he.
How To Stalk Him:

Brian Jarosinski

Age: 29
Occupation: Financial Advisor
Fact You Didn’t Know: He’s very family oriented.
Bachelorette Status: In tonight’s episode, it’s revealed that someone actually has a girlfriend. It’s rumored to be Brian. It IS Brian!
How To Stalk Him: and

Brooks Forester

Age: 28
Occupation: Sales & Marketing
Fact You Didn’t Know: He can seem a little shy and serious at times, but he definitely can be a goofy guy. Plus, he gets a lot of support from other contestants behind the scenes.
Bachelorette Status: Desiree picked Brooks for the first one-on-one date and he soared into “first place” with Desiree.
How To Stalk Him: and

Bryden Vukasin

Age: 26
Occupation: Iraq War Veteran
Fact You Didn’t Know: Bryden won 2nd place at the 2010 National Soldier of the Year competition. He also loves the outdoors.
Bachelorette Status: The Bachelorette is very into Bryden right now.
How To Stalk Him:

Chris Seigfried

Chris Siegfried, Bachelorette

Age: 28
Occupation: Mortgage Broker
Fact You Didn’t Know: He was a minor league pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and was also a model. Ouch!
Bachelorette Status: He’s still around and still sexy.
How To Stalk Him: and

Dan Cox

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Age: 30
Occupation: Beverage Sales Director
Fact You Didn’t Know: The man eats bugs. Well, not on a daily basis, but he enjoys trying new things and has been know to try eating insects.
Bachelorette Status: We’ll see what happens with this worldly stunner.
How To Stalk Him:

Diogo Custodio

Age: 29
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Fact You Didn’t Know: He loves to read and his favorite book is “The Alchemist” by Paola Coelho.
Bachelorette Status: Desiree sent him packing even though he showed up in head-to-toe metal on the first episode. Guess he’s not her knight in shining armor.
How To Stalk Him:

Drew Kenney

Age: 27
Occupation: Digital Marketing Analyst
Fact You Didn’t Know: His favorite Christmas song is by Dave Matthews.
Bachelorette Status: Drew is kind of a feminine sexy. He’s still here and pining for Des.
How To Stalk Him:

James Case

Age: 27
Occupation: Sales
Fact You Didn’t Know: He just got a puppy for his dad for Father’s Day. Shhh. It’s a surprise!
Bachelorette Status: He keeps getting roses, so he’s doing something right.
How To Stalk Him: and

Jonathan Vollinger

Age: 26
Occupation: Attorney
Fact You Didn’t Know: He sucks at running and hates it, but his abs beg to differ.
Bachelorette Status: He was gone before the first rose ceremony after repeatedly trying to lure Desiree into a make-shift “fantasy suite”.
How To Stalk Him: and

Juan Pablo

Age: 31
Occupation: Former Pro Soccer Player
Fact You Didn’t Know: Favorite childhood memory is winning a youth soccer tournament
Bachelorette Status: Desiree is captured by his sexy accent, as are we all.
How To Stalk Him:

Kasey Stewart

Age: 29
Occupation: Advertising Executive
Fact You Didn’t Know: Jimmy Fallon voted Kasey as “Most Likely To Be So Stoked To Talk To You About This Revolutionary Vegetable Steamer, Available Exclusively On QVC.”
Bachelorette Status: Even with all his “hashtag” comments, he’s still here!
How To Stalk Him:

Larry Burchett

Larry Burchett, Bachelorette

(Myspace and

Age: 34
Occupation: ER Doctor
Fact You Didn’t Know: He has a phobia of being buried alive and drowning. Larry also speaks Spanish.
Bachelorette Status: After failing to successfully dance with Desiree upon his arrival, he was shown the door. Sorry, Larry.
How To Stalk Him: He’s a man of mystery who apparently pops up on Myspace of all places.


Age: 32
Occupation: Law Student
Fact You Didn’t Know: His focus on the show was to have a fun time, a great experience, and a story to tell from it all.
Bachelorette Status: Maybe if Micah’s primary focus was the love thing, we’d still be watching him on Mondays. He went bye bye after designing his own cheesy suit to wear for Desiree. Stay away from the sewing machine, Micah.
How To Stalk Him: Your guess is as good as ours. If you can figure out his last name, you are a magician.

Michael Garofola

Age: 33
Occupation: Federal Prosecutor
Fact You Didn’t Know: He revealed on the show that he’s diabetic, but what don’t we know? He and fellow contestant Brooks like to joke around on Twitter.
Bachelorette Status: He’s alive and kicking amidst the pack. The guy is not too keen on contestant Ben, so let’s see what happens!
How To Stalk Him:

Mike R.

Age: 27
Occupation: Dental student/Model
Fact You Didn’t Know: This is actually something you do know, but may have not realized. He looks like a creepy adult version of Twilight star Taylor Lautner.
Bachelorette Status: Desiree sent this guy home. She’s clearly Team Edward.
How To Stalk Him: Would you really want to? I’d go for Taylor Lautner.

Mikey Tenerelli

Age: 30
Occupation: Plumbing Contractor
Fact You Didn’t Know: He’s a coach at a CrossFit, which makes sense since his body is out of control. And, the reason he became a plumber is to join the family business.
Bachelorette Status: Mikey is another man very vocal about his distaste for Ben. He’s hot, out-spoken, and here for atleast another week!
How To Stalk Him: and

Nick Mucci

Nick Mucci, Bachelorette


Age: 27
Occupation: Investment Advisor
Fact You Didn’t Know: His dream job is to be in sports broadcasting for the NFL.
Bachelorette Status: He won one of the “first impression” roses. Desiree may end up falling for this one.
How To Stalk Him:

Nick Roy

Nick Roy, Bachelorette

Age: 26
Occupation: Tailor/Magician
Fact You Didn’t Know: His favorite magazines are Men’s Health and Genii, which is a magic-related publication of course.
Bachelorette Status: Yes, he may be a magician, but it was Desiree who made him disappear.
How To Stalk Him:

Robert Graham

Age: 30
Occupation: Advertising Entrepreneur
Fact You Didn’t Know: He was feeding alligator in Indonesia a couple days ago.
Bachelorette Status: He got dumped, but we still think he’s a keeper!
How To Stalk Him: and

Will Reese

Will Reese, ABC, Bachelorette


Age: 28
Occupation: Banker
Fact You Didn’t Know: Favorite foods are Macaroni & cheese, shrimp, crabs, seafood in general, chicken, turkey, vegetables
Bachelorette Status: Yeah, he went home.
How To Stalk Him: Not a clue and not really upset about it.

Zack Kalter

Age: 28
Occupation: Book Publisher
Fact You Didn’t Know: He just got a puppy!
Bachelorette Status: Zack the cutie is still around and makes us very happy.
How To Stalk Him: and

Zak Waddell

Age: 31
Occupation: Drilling Fluid Engineer
Fact You Didn’t Know: He like to take off his shirt … and we like to watch him. But you knew that.
Bachelorette Status: We are very happy to say that the “shirtless wonder” is still on the show!
How To Stalk Him: and