Amanda Bynes’ Parents Reportedly Begin Conservatorship Process

Amanda Bynes, Rick and Lynn Bynes

Amanda Bynes pictured with her parents, Rick and Lynn. (Getty Images)

As Amanda Bynes’ erratic behavior culminated by being detained on an involuntary psychiatric hold, the child star’s parents have reportedly begun the process to obtaining a temporary conservatorship, reports E! News.

According to the gossip website, Lynn and Rick Bynes filed the court papers on Thursday and a hearing has been set for Friday. A conservatorship would give the 27-year-old starlet’s mom and dad temporary control over their daughter’s financial and personal affairs, much like the one Britney Spears’ father obtained in 2008.

The decision was made after Bynes was detained Monday on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, which was just extended to two weeks, after she sparked a fire on the driveway of a random elderly woman in Thousand Oaks, California and spilled gasoline all over her dog. No injuries were reported, but witnesses say they saw the actress’ pants on fire. Authorities took her into custody and declared her fit for a 5150 psychiatric hold, deeming her a potential danger to herself or others. Doctors at the psychiatric hospital say Bynes is showing signs of schizophrenia.

While it is difficult to get a conservatorship in the state of California, if her parents do succeed they would be legally in charge of Bynes’ estate for as long as the court sees fit. Mr. and Mrs. Bynes would need to show evidence that their daughter is not fit to handle her own affairs.