Amanda Bynes Sues for Stolen Thoughts — Twitter Hacked?

Amanda Bynes

(Getty images)

You heard her! The girl wants $1 million from whatever tough guy thought it would be okay to hack into Amanda Bynes’ brain. … Of course, it’s hard not to tell what Amanda is thinking anyway — since she’s had a tendency to be brutally honest over Twitter these past few weeks anyway. Amanda holds no truths back, especially if she feels you’re on board the ugly train. Kind of like Drake (according to Amanda).

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And, the crazy girl’s got her philosophies on love, too! Hopefully no one gets sued for stealing those from her mind, either…

Who’s breaking your heart nowadays, Amanda? But, more importantly — who’s breaking into your Twitter account?! Could Amanda have really gone off the deep end so far that she’s allegedly suing whoever stole her thoughts? Or, is someone hacking into Amanda’s account and causing all this ruckus? Either way, it’s been quite a show.

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Perhaps Twitter should be renamed “The Amanda Show: Twitter Version.”

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