George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Break Up, Still Living Together

George Clooney

(Getty images)

Handsome man George Clooney and girlfriend of two years Stacy Keibler are broken up after two years of dating. But, wait, when did they get back together?!

Just a few months ago George’s buddy Mark Walhberg announced that George was single, and we all believed it. But — he was actually talking about George’s lack of children. That’s right! According to the Daily Mail, when Mark said George was living “single,” he meant to say George doesn’t have any children and can still afford a luxurious life of late nights and travel. Ah — now we get it. So George and Stacy have been together all this time. Up until now, that is. However, we can safely assume there will be no more false alarms because the couple is reportedly broken up for good!

However, TMZ reports something that puts a twist on it all…

George and Stacy are still living together! Uh-oh. Are we the only ones that smell trouble?