LEAKED: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Teaser Trailer Surfaces Online

guardians of the galaxy trailer

The second of two big leaks today, yet another Marvel Studios film graced an all-too-brief presence on the Internet. Guardians of the Galaxy sports a new thirty second teaser, complete with Chris Pratt and the rest of the Guardians, as we get a first look at the elaborate sci-fi universe that Marvel created. Check out the 30 second teaser, in two parts, both above and below, along with a great appearance by John C. Riley as head of the Nova Corps.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the trailer has since been taken down by Marvel Studios.

However, from what we saw, the teaser trailer looked absolutely phenomenal. For those worried about the Rocket Raccoon aesthetic, our boy in the guise of a raccoon looked great with top notch effects. There was a quick scene in a prison, where Chris Pratt’s Star Lord (Peter Quill) looked both buff, menacing, and with a comedic edge that only Pratt could pull off with the character. We look forward to seeing more on Guardians of the Galaxy , but for now, Cosmic Book News still has the trailer up, although it certainly will be taken down faster than you can say Thanos.