WATCH: The First Teaser For The ‘Captain America 2′ Trailer (2014)

With Thor 2 premiering in the U.S. in a few weeks, Marvel is already preparing for the next film to hit the big screen. Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is the next action adventure coming to theaters in 2014 and a teaser for the teaser trailer has appeared online. The ten second teaser doesn’t reveal much but we various shots of Sam Jackson looking cool and Chris Evans kicking some butt. The story for this installment will focus on Steve Rogers trying to adjust to the modern world and living quietly in Washington D.C. but a new conspiracy brings him back into the fold after a colleague is brutally attacked. Teaming up with The Black Widow, Rogers works to find out who is behind this onslaught against SHIELD. Fans of the comics will know EXACTLY how this story goes down but the full trailer will premiere on iTunes tomorrow.

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