Homeland Finale Season 3 Live Blog & Highlights

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It’s the finale of Homeland’s season 3 and tensions are high. The big question on a lot of people’s minds is “Will Carrie get Brody out of Tehran alive?” The finale episode is titled “The Star” and we’re covering it live right here.

UPDATE: Now that the finale has ended, check out the up-to-the-minute updates from the airing of the show with details, tweets, and photos from the episode below.

And we’re off! 9:00pm

Uh oh. That was a close one for Brody. 9:03pm

So far so good with Brody’s escape … Spoke too soon … Brody puts a gun to his driver’s head and hell breaks loose. 9:05pm

Carrie just told Saul that Brody completed the mission, but Saul isn’t convinced. 9:05pm

Carrie just found Brody in a car, made him move to the passenger seat to hide, and she took the wheel! 9:09pm

Saul just learned the news that Carrie was right about Brody. 9:09pm

Brody reveals to Carrie that he was born in the desert. He looks so gaunt and his eyes are like glass as he looks out the window while Carrie drives. 9:12pm

Carrie and Brody arrive at their safe house. 9:14pm

Brody’s having trouble with the fact he killed a man, while Carrie is assuring him that it was the right thing to do. 9:17pm

Saul calls Carrie to congratulate Brody on his kill and let them know that they’ll be getting out soon … Something seems fishy though. 9:18pm

And, Carrie drops the pregnancy news on Brody … 4 months pregnant. 9:20pm

Brody takes the baby news very well, is actually very calm and happy. 9:21pm

Uh oh. They’re caught. It looks like a set up as Brody is taken away as Lockhardt has ordered Brody be detained. 9:22pm

Carrie calls Saul in a panic and Saul is outraged. 9:23pm

Carrie is on the move as she clears everything out of her hotel and just as she’s leaving, she’s taken to meet with Javadi. 9:25pm

Brody is set to be hanged at 4 a.m. in a public execution. 9:26pm

Carrie calls Brody in prison and he tells her that he wants it to be over. He also asks Carrie not to be present at his hanging because he doesn’t want her to go through watching him die. Carrie says she will be there no matter what. 9:31pm

Saul tells Carrie that the situation is hopeless as she’s trying everything she can think of to save Brody. 9:33pm

Brody is being escorted by police to his execution. Carrie is at the execution site waiting. 9:35pm

When offered a blindfold, Brody refuses it. He is spat on as the noose is put around his neck. 9:37pm

Carrie watches crying as Brody is raised in the air, hanging by his neck. 9:38pm

Carrie cries out to Brody before being hit down by the baton of a policeman. 9:38pm

And that’s the end of Brody as he hangs lifeless. 9:39pm

The show flashes to four months later with Saul at the beach. 9:40pm

Saul talks about how he hasn’t heard from Carrie at all since Brody’s death. 9:42pm

Carrie thinks Brody deserves an award for his service, but is denied. 9:44pm

Watching Carrie smoke a cigarette at 8 months pregnant is pretty gross … 9:45pm

Carrie is convinced she can’t be a mother between her lifestyle and her job. 9:46pm

It’s a girl! 9:49pm

Carrie randomly announces to her sister and dad that she’s moving to Istanbul and will give the baby up for adoption. They are not having it … 9:50pm

Carrie’s dad says that if she doesn’t want the baby, he’s going to take her. 9:51pm

Saul congratulates Carrie on Istanbul and she wishes him luck in New York. 9:54pm

Because Brody doesn’t receive a star on the wall, Carrie actually takes a sharpie and draws one for him on the wall of the CIA once every has left. 9:57pm

The End.