Gabriella Wilde of ‘Endless Love’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In Endless Love, Gabriella Wilde, 24, plays Jade, a privileged girl with overprotective parents, who falls in love with a working-class boy.
The chemistry between Wilde and Alex Pettyer (both British) heats up the screen in the film’s trailer.
Wilde told V Man,

But there is a lot more going on in this movie than two kids falling in love. It’s a bit edgier.

Vanity Fair asked her about the film’s sex scenes, comparing them to the original 1981 film, with Brooke Shields .
She answered,

This film is tamer. Still, it is an intimidating thing. The fact that the director is a woman helped calm me down for the big moments.

1. She’s Expecting a Baby with Her Rocker Fiance

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The actress has been dating Alan Pownall of the band Pale for four years. Vogue reported in August that the pair got engaged.
According to the Daily Mail, she is expecting a child early this year.
Neverunderdressed reported that she showed off her baby bump at 7 months at Esprit Dior, Miss Dior at the Grand Palais in Paris.

2. Naomi Campbell Discovered Her & Took Pictures of The Brit in a Bathroom

She told GQ UK that she was 15 and attending a dinner party, when Naomi Campbell spotted her. She said, “She took Polaroid photos of me in the loo – I was terrified.”

Wilde started her career as a model, working for Burberry and Lacoste. In 2012, she was chosen to be the face of Burberry for their fall campaign and talked to Teen Vogue about the honor.

As a Londoner, Burberry is a brand that I have grown up with and always identified with. It’s wonderful to be their new face and the campaigns always create a stir so it’s exciting to be a part of it all.

3. She Was in the ‘Carrie’ Remake

Wilde had the all-American look to play high-school student Sue Snell in the horror remake.
She told GQ that she actually enjoyed taking part in an action film.

I never thought of myself as an ‘action girl’,” she says. “But I definitely enjoy the physical side. When else am I going to fly around on a wire

In an interview with Elle, Wilde dished on her costars, Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore. “It was amazing, Chloë’s so wonderful,” she said. As far as meeting Moore, Wilde confessed,

I was sort of terrified to meet her, but as soon as I got introduced to her, she’s just so sweet, not frightening, and down to earth.

4. Her Half-Sister’s Dating Price Harry

Wilde’s brother, Jacobi, told London Evening Standard about their half sister, Cressida’s, royal relationship.

It’s challenging, you can’t deny it. It’s not something that is easy for anyone dating a royal or marrying into the family or anyone in the royal family themselves. I think on some level it is different to any other type of fame.

Although her half sister is in the limelight, Wilde prefers to live an understated life. She dished to neverunderdressed,

Fame is a slightly bizarre thing to me. Obviously it goes hand in hand with acting, but it’s something that’s kind of abstract. I don’t really register it.

5. Her Real Last Name Is Astruther-Gough-Calthorpe

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The blonde is a descendant of earls and baronets who attended an all-girls private school, according to V Man.

She dished to the magazine that she dropped her last name when she transitioned from modeling to acting.

No one could say it right. It’s a mouthful, and it felt appropriate to leave it behind. I wanted to distance myself from modeling and some of the gossip press that existed around me and my family. It was easier for me to establish myself under a different identity, and I want to be doing it on my own.