Chris Soules, ‘The Bachelorette’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Let’s get to know Chris Soules, one of the contestants on The Bachelorette. Read on for the facts on Soules below:

1. Chris Soules Gets the Second One-On-One Date

On the second episode of the season, Eric Hill, the contestant who recently lost his life, got the first one-on-one date, but Chris Soules got the second. For their date together, they visited the Santa Anita Race Track and had a private concert by “This Wild Life.”

Throughout the season, Andi Dorfman has a secret admirer and that secret admirer turns out to be Soules.

2. He’s an Iowa Farm Boy

Chris Soules is from Arlington, Iowa and graduated Iowa St. University, growing up in a farming lifestyle. He currently works for Summit Farms and previously worked for Hertz Farm Management Inc., so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about farm life. Hertz Farm Management wrote an article featuring Soules and gave an in-depth run-down of his farm background:

He grew up on a grain farm in northeast Iowa near Strawberry Point. While attending Iowa State University, Soules worked with a major seed company. During his college career, he was a member of the Farm Op Club, the Farm Bureau Club and the Agronomy Club. He graduated with degrees in Agricultural Studies and Agronomy.

3. Soules Is a Successful Property Owner

According to Reality Steve, he owns a bunch of acres in Iowa and he’s quite successful:

Yeah, I know nothing about what this guy does but he’s loaded and owns a ton of land. Score Andi!

4. Chris Soules Makes It Down to the Final Four

Though Soules doesn’t seem to get more than a single one-on-one date with Andi Dorfman, but he does get a group date rose. And, he gets a hometown date, which means he definitely gets down to the final four … possibly further.

In addition to making it very far in the competition, Soules is also rumored to be the next Bachelor star, which means he does not win the heart of Andi Dorfman.

5. Soules Has Worked In Real Estate

Chris Soules, Chris Soules Photos, Chris Soules Pics, Chris Soules Bachelorette, Chris Soules Final Four, Chris Soules Hometown Date


Though his career has revolved around farming, Soules has also had his hand in real estate sales. Under Hertz Farm Management, Soules worked as a professional Farm Manager and licensed Iowa real estate salesperson.




Chris,is a gentleman. He knows what he wants and is extremely successful. If he becomes the next bachelor I hope they present to him mature ladies. School girls need not apply. Chris I wish you the best on finding that perfect lady. I am 62 and a widow and know that it is tough finding the right Christian person. God’s speed!!!!!!!


I think chris soules is such a gentleman .. he has such a good heart!who ever is gana b with him, she is one lucky woman.. he is the most handsome man!

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