‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale Heartbreaking Spoilers & Recap

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The Vampire Diaries had a seriously insane finale tonight for season 5 and we’ve got the biggest spoiler in the above clip. As for the rest, here are all the crazy deaths, key moments, and tweets about the episode below. Beware of some serious spoilers.

– Caroline kills Luke.

– Tyler dies, but he comes back to life and he’s not a hybrid anymore. He comes back as human.

– Bonnie lets Silas get taken away in the wind, purposely not saving him from death.

– Damon and Elena, aka Delena, commit a suicide mission together in an effort to blow up the town. Elena wants to wait for Damon on the other side, but Bonnie forces her to pass through her and come back to life. When Bonnie tries to bring Damon back, she is unable to because the spell was shut down. Elena has to say goodbye to her love Damon in a heartbreaking scene.

Have a look at Delena’s goodbye in the below link:

– Marcos dies in the explosion, but Sheriff Forbes survives.

– Stefan comes back to life.

– Lexi sacrifices herself and is permanently dead. Each time Bonnie brings someone back, she’s closer to death and Lexi didn’t want to have a part in hurting her best friend.

– Bonnie dies. She and Damon hold hands and are taken away together on the other side. Watch the heartbreaking scene by clicking the below link:

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