Bethany Dempsey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

bethany and clint dempsey


As the U.S. national team begins its quest to win the World Cup, plenty of eyes will be on captain Clint Dempsey and his beautiful wife, Bethany.

Read on for more about Bethany, her marriage to Clint and their young family:

1. She Posed in Body Paint for ‘Sports Illustrated’

This was her first-ever modeling photo shoot, where the national jersey was painted on her. The entire paint job took 15 hours.

In 2010, she joined Abbey Clancy, Sarah Brander, and Melissa Satta, the magazine’s tribute to WAGs.
She told the Huffington Post, “You don’t feel naked, because you look in the mirror and it looks like you are wearing a swimsuit. The detailing is amazing.”

2. She Met Clint in College

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Bethany Dempsey


They met at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. The pair dated for a year, marrying in July of 2007.

3. She & Clint Have 3 Kids

The couple has two daughters, Elyse and Sophia, and a son, Jackson.

Goal reported that at only three years old, Elyse had already flown across the Atlantic Ocean 24 times.

4. She’s an Educational Psychologist

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She did an internship in England after Clint was transferred to Fulham.

The professional tried not to tell the students she worked with who she was, but some eventually found out.

5. She & Clint Live in England

She told S.I, “The day after we got married, we went straight to London. So I’ve been there since 2007. It will never be home, home to me.”

Fox Sports spent time in their home, and said:

The more time you spend with the Dempseys, the harder it is not to come away with the sense that he and his family are a classic, tight-knit American clan that have leaned on one another for support through the years.

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