‘Magic Mike XXL’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In Magic Mike XXL , America’s favorite male strippers are back.

Returning cast member Joe Manganiello put it best when he told E, “All the guys will be back together and causing some mayhem.”

Here’s what you need to know about the storyline and casting choices.

1. The Boys Go to a Stripper Convention

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The new movie, which starts taping this fall, is inspired by two conventions Channing Tatum actually attended when he was 19. He had wanted to put that premise into the original, but his producing partner thought that was an entire film in and of itself.

“We cut out so much stuff that was just really juicy fun things to happen in a movie that you haven’t seen before,” Tatum told GQ.

It was reported that Tatum made $40 million for the original Magic Mike, a fact that he disputed in an interview with GQ.

When the interviewer asked him if he made a lot of money, he answered:

I wouldn’t say a lot. That’s why we’re making another one. If I had $40 million, I don’t know if I’d be making another one. I don’t know if I’d be working as hard as I am. And that’s the God’s honest truth.

2. McConaughey May Not Return

His costar Gabriel Iglesias, who played DJ and drug dealer Tobias, told Dish Nation:

Word has it that Matthew’s probably not gonna be involved in this one because he’s worth a lot of money.

3. Manganiello Is Back

In an interview with Collider, Manganiello, who plays Big D**k Richie, spoke about the great time he had on set and how a sequel would be just as enjoyable:

I’ve never laughed so hard, in my life, when I was working on that movie. It was about as much fun as I’ve ever had at work. I love those guys. Matt Bomer is like my brother. Channing [Tatum] and Kevin Nash and Adam [Rodriguez] – I love those guys. To get to go hand out with those guys again would be amazing.

When Moviefone asked the actor what costume he would scared to wear in the sequel, he said, “Ahh, man. I’m not terrified about anything.”

4. Bomer Got Costume Suggestions From Ellen

Bomer also comes back in the sequel as Ken.

“Well we got you something, I don’t know if you already picked out your wardrobe,” Ellen said.

She then proceeded to bring out a bunch of underwear, instructing him:

Tweet each one of these out and let followers decide what they want to see you in. If you wear these and tweet these you’re gonna get a lot of followers.

5. An ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Made a Fake Audition Tape

Bennett from Orange is the New Black, Matt McGorry, leaked this spoof audition tape.

The video was for the site College Humor.