‘Pretty Little Liars’ 100th Episode: Top Spoilers

The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m., and the producers have promised many twists and turns ahead for our favorite liars.

ABC Family is being cautious about what it releases, but we’ve dug up the best predictions for Tuesday’s episode. Read on, but beware of spoilers!

— In the sneak peek above, we see Toby get a call from Jenna, who he claims he hasn’t spoken to since she moved to New York. Jenna tells him the dramatic news that Spencer obviously already knows: Shana is dead. Will Jenna be coming back for good? That will sure spice things up.

— Ali will return to school and get a LOT of stares. And we can be pretty sure Mona and her army won’t be forgiving about Ali walking the halls of Rosewood High again.

— Hannah has to do a school project about Mars with her cute boyfriend Travis, and judging from the sneak peek where Travis gently turns Hanna’s chin toward him, there may be a romantic kiss taking place between the two. That, or Hannah will completely lose it because she’s too embarrassed to be thought of as Ali’s puppet.

Caleb will be returning, and we’re predicting there will be a rough and awkward encounter between him, Hanna, and Travis. Let’s hope he doesn’t walk in on his ex and Travis making out.

— According to executive producer Oliver Goldstick, the only way Mona can handle having Ali take charge of the Rosewood High hallways once again is to, well, drink Drano. We may have had other things in mind, but it’s bound to make Mona a little more crazy than usual, which is always good news for us viewers!

— An “old foe” will be returning, according to Soaps.com.

— In preview photos, we see Mona and Lucas gossiping. Or plotting. They’re not going to make things easy for Alison.

— The group all gets together to watch something on the TV show. We see Hanna and Caleb holding hands (what about Travis?!), Emily and Ali holding hands, and Ezra completely entranced by what’s on the TV screen. Could it be a news broadcast?

— Paige and Sydney may be a new thing! Sneak photos from the episode show them spending a suspicious amount of time together.

Watch another speak preview from tomorrow’s episode below:

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