‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler: Andi Dorfman Had Sex With Nick Viall

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On The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose special, Nick Viall asks Andi Dorfman how she could have made love to him if she wasn’t in love with him, revealing that the two had sex.

Andi Dorfman becomes angry and says that it was below the belt to reveal that and that information should have been kept private.

We wonder if Josh Murray will have anything to say about that … There are also theories about Nick’s behavior. Some fans believe Nick is being genuine and others believe it was an act to set up Andi and reveal the secret of their having slept together. What do you think?

As for what Josh Murray had to say, he was not happy … Read about it in the below link:

For more Bachelorette news:


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I wasn’t a fan of Nick’s through out the season, but no one deserves to be treated the way he was by Andi. I think he had a right to ask her why she made love to him if she didn’t love him. That was a legitimate question. Andi responded saying that she never used the words “I love you”, but was she allowed to say those words to any of the guys? I think not. The show also showed the scene the night before there breakup when Nick shows he’s worried about if they’ll be able to stay together, and Andi reassures Nick saying, “It’ll be ok, It’ll be ok.” Why did she keep reassuring Nick right up until the breakup? Nick wan’t treated fairly by Andi…I am no longer one of her fans.


i do believe Chris would make a good bachelor contestant because he has everything a woman could hope for a husband


If anyone is a loser, it’s Andi. Her reputation was shattered because of her choices. I think Nick was telling the truth out of hurt and pain. Why would she have sex with Nick if she didn’t love him? Sleezy!! Probably why the franchise will censor the live shows going forward. If Nick wasn’t in a contract to not tell certain things, then “All is Fair in Love & War”. Sorry Andi!


Deborah, are you saying that people don’t have sex unless they’re in love? hmmm . Anyone who has sex without love is sleezy.

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