Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Donald Trump has five children and it’s time for us to meet his beautiful offspring, Tiffany Trump. Check out the 5 Fast Facts on her below.

1. Oprah Had a Special on Her

Tiffany is now 20 years old, but, when she was 17, Oprah Winfrey actually had a special on her and you can watch it above. The feature shows Tiffany cooking at home with her mother in California,

2. Her Mother Is Marla Maples

Marla Maples was the second wife of Donald Trump and the mother to Tiffany. Marla and Tiffany actually have a very close relationship and are pretty much best friends. As far as Trump’s history with ex-wife Maples, Us Weekly writes:

The Donald made headlines when he and his first wife Ivana got divorced after she discovered he was having an affair with Maples. He married Maples in 1993 and finalized his divorce from her in 1999.

3. Singing Was a Big Passion of Hers

Right now, Tiffany is focused on college, but singing is another passion of hers. Us Weekly reports:

Tiffany, 20, is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying sociology within the College of Arts & Sciences.

4. Tiffany’s Been Spending the Summer Traveling the World

Tiffany is currently making headlines as she posts photos on Instagram from all over the world. Tiffany is using her summer to travel around the globe, a dream for anyone. Check out some of the pics she’s posted.

5. She Was a Bridesmaid at Half-Sister Ivanka Trump’s Wedding

Tiffany and her other siblings may live on opposite sides of the country, but that doesn’t keep them apart. In fact, Tiffany was a bridesmaid in half-sister Ivanka’s wedding. Tiffany’s other siblings include Barron, Donald, and Eric.