Nikki Ferrell & Juan Pablo Galavis Split: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis are one of the most famous Bachelor couples in history and they’re currently starring on the reality show Couples Therapy. The two have been fighting in the public eye for quite some time and things finally took a turn for the worst. The couple has split and it doesn’t seem to be a very peaceful break up by the looks of things. Us Weekly writes:

Galavis, 33, meanwhile, unfollowed then followed then unfollowed Ferrell multiple times from Sunday into Monday morning.

Read on for the facts on the ex-couple below:

1. Ferrell Reportedly Initiated the Break Up

While many would have thought that Juan Pablo Galavis would have initiated the break up, it was actually Nikki Ferrell who pulled the plug according to a source from Us Weekly. The source stated:

Juan and Nikki have been fighting. It was not mutual.

Another source stated:

Everything Nikki wanted, he didn’t. She wanted to settle down and he didn’t … Nikki felt like she was doing all the work in the relationship, and that Juan expected her to join his life. She couldn’t get him to compromise at all. He didn’t put Nikki’s priorities first and she had enough.

A source who is reportedly close to Galavis said the couple just wants different things.

They were not seeing eye to eye on anything. Juan wanted Nikki in Miami. Nikki didn’t want to leave her family, friends, or job. Meanwhile, Juan wouldn’t even consider going to Kansas.

2. As News of the Break Up Spread, Ferrell Posted a Cryptic Instagram Pic

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Nope not one single second.✋

A post shared by Nikki Ferrell (@nikki_ferrell) on Oct 26, 2014 at 6:03pm PDT

When the news broke that Ferrell and Galavis called it quits, Ferrell posted the above message on Instagram with this as a caption: Nope not one single second. In the meantime, Galavis had his own words to say in the below tweet.

3. Juan Pablo Never Said “I Love You”

On The Bachelor, viewers felt hate for Juan Pablo Galavis because, not only did he not propose to Ferrell, he refused to say, “I Love You.” Even at the “After the Final Rose” special, Galavis never said those three little words that the audience was begging to hear. As we watch the two on Couples Therapy, one of their biggest issues was still that Galavis would not tell Ferrell that he loves her. She felt like she did when she was on The Bachelor, like she was still waiting for him to pick her. Galavis still stuck by his rationale that “I Love You” means something different and a lot more powerful in his culture. Of course, the other cast members on the show felt that Galavis using his culture was just an excuse and a cop out.

4. Galavis May Have Been the Most Hated Bachelor, But Ferrell Was the Most Hated on Couples Therapy

Galavis was reported to be the most hated Bachelor thus far, but Ferrell has been the most hated cast member on Couples Therapy by her fellow cast members. Ferrell’s attitude and demands on the show had caused a lot of issues, cursing at the production crew, acting like a spoiled brat, and putting up a tough front have caused the others to distance themselves a bit from her.

5. Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Came Between the Two

One issue we saw play out on Couples Therapy is Ferrell’s friendship with Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman. When Andi Dorfman was on The Bachelor as a contestant alongside Nikki Ferrell, the two became very good friends and still are today. After the fantasy suite dates on The Bachelor, Dorfman dumped Juan Pablo Galavis in an epic scene on the show, frustrated with his blunt comments and lack of sensitivity. What has continued to bother Galavis is that Ferrell has such a good relationship with a woman who humiliated him on national television. And, Ferrell defends her friend. Galavis conveyed that he felt unsupported by Ferrell.

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