Diem Brown & CT Tamburello: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Chris “CT” Tamburello and Diem Brown have been one of the most memorable couples in MTV history with their emotional relationship over the years. Brown first appeared on MTV’s series The Challenge after her first battle with ovarian cancer, which she beat. In 2012, she was diagnosed again with the disease and overcame that as well. This past September 2014, Diem was diagnosed yet again, being made aware that her cancer had spread to her colon and stomach lining. Within two months, Diem Brown had passed away. Through it all, CT has stuck by her whether he was by her side in the hospital or loving her from a far. Read on for the details on their relationship over the years.

1. They Shared Their First Kiss Together on MTV’s Real World Challenge: The Duel

Diem Brown’s second time on MTV’s The Challenge was on The Duel. She returned to the show after losing her hair in chemotherapy and was a cancer survivor. Diem was self-conscious about her hair loss and wore a wig in addition to a bandana. At one point, Diem has to take off her wig and it was a truly amazing moment on the show. As she revealed a buzzed haircut, CT’s reaction was that she was a sexy G.I. Jane. When the two shared their first kiss on the beach together that season, CT removed her headpiece and it was an incredibly romantic scene.

2. CT Was Filming With Diem When She Collapsed on Set in August

Chris Tamburello Diem Brown


Over the summer, Diem Brown was filming the next installment of The Challenge when she collapsed on set in Panama. She had to be airlifted to New York and was thought to be suffering from an allergy to peanut butter. CT was there filming with Brown and the rest of the cast when she collapsed. CT reportedly flew back to be by her side when she underwent surgery to remove a tumor in her colon.

We will most likely see this play out on the new season as well as see some sort of tribute to Diem.

3. In Tribute to Diem, CT Has Been Posting His Support via Instagram and Twitter


CT posted the above photo two weeks ago with this heart-warming caption:

My TBT goes to… The Definition of Grace Under Fire. An inspiration of strength, heart, and hope for so many people. The toughest woman I know… @diembrown #medgift #staystrong #tay Feel free to check out her support page and show some love.


4. Diem and CT Teamed Up for MTV’s Battle of The Exes

CT Tagnello, Diem Brown And CT Tagnello, CT And Diem, RIP Diem Brown, Diem Brown Dead, Diem Brown Cancer, Diem Brown Boyfriend, Diem Brown Dating

Diem and CT compete on MTV’s Battle of the Exes. (MTV)

Diem and CT have had a rock relationship over the years. When they were broken up, they had to appear on MTV’s Battle of The Exes competition and the two struggled to fight their affections for each other as well as their annoyances.

5. CT Supported Diem When She Appeared on MTV’s Made

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Diem Brown appeared on MTV’s show MADE to become a dancer for a fundraiser she was hosting to fight cancer. As she struggled through, CT was her number one supporter on the show.