Sadie Robertson Visited by One Direction’s Liam Payne for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finale – Part 1

Sadie Robertson has been working with pro Mark Ballas all season on Dancing With The Stars and has made it to the finals. It has been an emotional season for Robertson who has poured her heart into her dances and has worked her Duck Dynasty butt off to make it to the finale. Under the supervision of Robertson’s family, adhering to their strict rules for the 17-year-old, Ballas has pulled off outstanding choreography, perfect for his partner.

Sometimes we forget that Sadie Robertson is just a regular girl, despite the fame. In turn, she gets regular girl crushes … like on boy bands. As a big treat, One Direction’s Liam Payne dropped by Robertson’s rehearsals this week to wish her luck and dance around a bit. The Inquistr writes:

After getting all the fan-girling out of her system, Robertson enlisted DWTS pro partner Mark Ballas to help her show off their team’s signature “Quack Attack” dance. Liam Payne might be a member of a boy band that doesn’t dance, but Sadie was impressed by his attempt at performing the move — the Duck Dynasty star immediately dubbed him an official member of the “Quack Pack.”

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