‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 5: The Highlights & Spoilers You Need to Know

4. Eugene Actually Killed Off Some Zombies for Once

We once again saw Abraham consoling a two women and a lone child inside of the same marketplace. Soon after, we fast forwarded time to Abraham and Rosita arguing over if they should continue moving on or stay idle in the library. The rest of the group made their way toward securing a fire truck. Abraham managed to get the truck to work.

Suddenly, the truck came to an abrupt halt. While the group talked about what to do next, a huge group of zombies came right out of the firehouse. Eugene aided the group by spraying down the zombies with the fire truck’s water hose.

5. Eugene Revealed He Wasn’t a Doctor

Abraham woke up to see the group he saved in the market area gone. Back in the current day, Maggie and Eugene started up a convo about why Eugene sports his unique hairstyle. Maggie recited a folk story to Eugene that was meant to bring up Eugene’s spirits. Suddenly, everyone complained about a mysterious stench.

Abraham and the rest of the group began making their way down the road when they discovered where the horrible stench was coming from – two sides of farmland packed with live zombies. The group looked to find another way to D.C., but Abraham insisted they all make their way through the group of zombies. The group erupted into a huge argument when Abraham grabbed Eugene’s arm. Suddenly, Eugene admitted to lying about being a real doctor.

6. Abraham Took Out His Frustrations on Eugene for Lying

The group was pretty shocked to hear that Eugene wasn’t an actual scientist. He admitted that he was intelligent and a pretty good liar. He made up that lie in order to get to D.C. just to survive since it seemed like the best place to be. Tara mentioned how may people died to keep him safe while Eugene admitted to screwing up pretty bad.

Abraham couldn’t take it anymore and lashed out at Eugene by smashing his face in with two punches. Eugene’s head hit the cement ground pretty hard and looked to be dead. The show returned to a flashback sequence that showed Abraham meeting Eugene for the 1st time and saving his life from the zombies following him. This is the moment where Eugene lied about his “very important mission.”