‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 6: Highlights & Spoilers

Walking Dead Season 5

Check out all the highlights of the best moments that transpired during the 6th episode of The Walking Dead’s Season 5 run!

1. The Show Opened With a Flashback Sequence with Carol

Walking Dead Season 5

Carol was seen first in a flashback scene that showed her leaving Rick during their last trip together. The next scene showed a stressed out Carol crying inside of her car as a zombie nagged at her from behind a window. Carol drove up to an abandoned building and scavenged for supplies and took refuge there for the evening. Carol woke up the next morning and spotted smoke in the distance. This may have alluded to he prison war that left it burning and in rubbles. Carol arrived to see the prison watchtower in flames.

2. Daryl and Carol Continued Tailing The Car They Noticed From Before

The show returned to current times as Carol andDaryl could be seen driving in the darkness. They were hot on the trail of the car Daryl believed to be the one that captured Beth. Daryl made sure to keep his distance from the car and speak about his plans with Carol. It appeared that the both of them were heading back into the city. When they both arrived at a stop light, the car stopped right in front of Carol and Daryl. A cop walked out of the car and retrieved some bikes and other material. He seemed to notice the car that Carol and Daryl were riding in, since two zombies were all over it.

When Daryl looked to restart the car, the engine was already dead. Unfortunately, the situation got worse as a horde of new zombies could be seen in the distance. Daryl and Carol managed to find a place just before the growing group of undead made their way towards them. They both entered a service center, where they son came upon a decaying man with keys next to him. They used the keys to enter a room that featured bunk beds. While inside the room, Daryl and Carol spoke about starting over and their current ordeal. Carol noted that they don’t get to save people anymore, but she also made sure to say that she keeps on trying to.

Suddenly, a noise could be heard outside the room. Daryl and Carol looked to investigate what was wrong. They came upon a a bunch of zombies near a glass door. Daryl stopped Carol from putting them down. The next morning arrived quickly. Carol awakened to see Daryl burning the bodies of the two undead they came upon the night before. Carol thanked him for his deed.

3. Noah Stole Daryl and Carol’s Weaponry

Another flashback scene was shown and this time it focused on Carol and Tyreese burying the two girls they traveled with before. Carol and Daryl left their enclosed room and began making headway towards a higher location to scope out whomever they were following. Tons of zombies could be seen blocking their path. Daryl scoped out a bridge that they could both get on. Daryl threw a burning paper into the distance to distract the zombies as him and Carol ran up the parking garage to their destination. Upon entering another building, they came upon more zombies that were locked inside sleeping bags. They killed them all and bypassed some more that were moving inside camping tents. Someone mysterious could be seen following them in the background. Daryl and Carol slipped past another door afterwards.

The next room they entered seemed to once be the posh office of an important businessman. Carol peered out of the window and glanced at the ravaged streets. Daryl and Carol spoke about continuing on and starting over for the good of their group. Daryl spotted something and aimed his rifle for a closer look. He caught a look at a Jeep with the Holy Cross mark seen on the car they were following before. Carol and Daryl filled up on supplies and commented on the rich painting seen in the upscale room they were in.

Daryl and Carol made their way back through the door. All of a sudden, the character played by the main boy from Everybody Hates Chris (Noah) stopped them and forced them to give up their weapons. Noah ran away while the zombies stated towards them. They thankfully escaped and looked for a way to get back their arsenal.