Who Dies on ‘Revenge’?: Character Predictions for ‘Atonement’

The mid-season finale of Revenge airs on December 7. One of the characters dies, and we have made some ideas as to which person we will bid farewell.

Our predictions are based on the fact that they wouldn’t kill off a major character, so we are left with these four possibilities.


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It seems unlikely that they would kill of Officer Ben played by Jennifer Love Hewitt’s husband, Brian Hallisay.
Not only is he in the process of courting Emily , but he’s also great eye candy on the show.


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Margaux LeMarchal’s, played by Karine Vanasse, storyline is useful for the show being that she’s a news source and pretty powerful.
She joined the cast in 2013, so there’s still quality time for her to get revenge. Plus viewers want to see more of her trysts with Daniel…and she’s pregnant with his baby.


louise dies on revenge, louise death revenge


Louise Ellis, played by Elena Satine, is the woman Victoria became friendly with at the psychiatric hospital.
Her unhealthy obsession with Victoria may put her in danger, and Victoria doesn’t seem to care about her, even though she helped her escape the ward.

Agent Taylor

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Kate Taylor, played by True Blood’s Courtney Ford, came onto the scene this season to investigate Conrad’s murder. She’s only been a cast member since Episode 8 of Season 4, so Kate can easily be killed off with not many strings attached.