Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane Villanueva on Jane the Virgin, is dating Henri Esteve, an actor who was on Revenge. Here’s what you should know about him.

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Here are pictures from the next episode of Revenge, airing on January 25. Louise, Nolan and Emily are scheming in “Kindred.”

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Joshua Bowman got his breakthrough role on Revenge, playing Daniel Grayson. The 26-year-old British actor, who was once a pro rugby player, dates Emily VanCamp.

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On the next episode of Revenge, the Hamptonites mourn the death of Daniel Grayson. Here are some pictures from “Epitaph,” airing on January 4.

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Here are the characters we think may die on Revenge on the December 7 mid-season finale. Who do you think will leave the show?

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These are stills from the “Atonement” episode of Revenge, where one of the characters dies. See if you can get any hints as to who from these pictures.

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On November 30th’s episode of Revenge, Ben asks Emily out on a date. In the meantime, Victoria and Daniel have a heated debate over David and Emily. Here are pictures from “Intel.”

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Revenge debuted its Season 4 premiere on September 28. Here are highlights of all the drama.

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Emily VanCamp and Joshua Bowman are exes on Revenge and dating in real life. The couple is very private although they are frequently photographed kissing.

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In Season 4 of Revenge, Brian Hallisay plays a new character, Ben, who is a possible love interest for Emily. Hallisay is married to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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