Who Got Fired on Tonight’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? 1/12/15 – Episode 1

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Tonight was the airing of two episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and the contestant sent home for the first episode was … Jamie Anderson.

The task was to create a four-page fitness editorial for Cosmopolitan to put in their magazine as well as their app. The men’s project manager was Johnny Damon, while the women had Jamie Anderson step up. For the men’s theme, they chose “Love Your Selfie Naked” and Johnny Damon’s beautiful wife stopped in for a sexy photo shoot with her husband. Ian Ziering also had the idea to have a part of the editorial be able pole dancing for fitness, since his wife Erin Ludwig does that at home. On the women’s side, Brandi Glanville was one of the models and it wasn’t going as smoothly. Brandi Glanville was hesitant to take off more clothes, saying she hasn’t worked out in a couple months and that she’s had two kids. She didn’t want Kenya to get the best of her so she just took off her clothes.

In the boardroom, Trump asked if Brandi was a fan of Kenya Moore’s and she stated that Kenya was evil. Kenya says Brandi just wants negative attention and throws underhanded insults at her. Kate Gosselin and Jamie Anderson came to Kenya’s defense.

All in all, the men’s team won, receiving $20,000 for the Johnny Damon Foundation, which deals with wounded warriors and children’s hospitals.

Donald Trump asks Anderson to bring back two people to be up for elimination, but she has a tough time naming names. Ultimately, Jamie Anderson decides to bring Kate Gosselin and Kenya Moore back to the boardroom. Once in the boardroom, Anderson says she thinks she was wrong not to bring Brandi Glanville back into the boardroom. Because of Anderson’s indecisiveness, she was fired.