Who Got Fired on Tonight’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? 1/19/15 – Episode 1

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Tonight’s task on Celebrity Apprentice was to create a marketing event for a mobile boutique to promote Ivanka Trump’s new shoe line with Joan Rivers as a celebrity adviser and the contestant sent home was Shawn Johnson.

Kenya Moore was the project manager for Team Infinity and Vivica Fox was project manager for Team Vortex. Shawn Johnson’s idea was to turn the space into a Nordstrom dressing room with the theme of getting “powered up”, but Vivica was confused at why Johnson hasn’t stepped up yet as project manager. Johnson tells the cameras her plan is to fly under the radar. In the meantime, Geraldo comes up with a coffee bar idea in the middle of the day and Vivica Fox likes the concept. Kate Gosselin and Shawn Johnson were not on board with the idea because they had agreed on couches and a comfortable, yet chic Nordstrom theme. And so, to go with the “shoe fashion show” in their mobile pop-up showroom, Team Vortex gave out free espressos. Joan Rivers showed up to check it out and told the team they were doing a great job.

For Team Infinity, they gave out green shots to “cleanse the sole” and had a man giving foot massages. When Joan Rivers stopped by, she loved all the little slogans that the team came up with for the shoes. In addition, when Ivanka Trump stopped by, she told team Infinity they did a great job as well.

Sig Hansen’s comment about his own team (Team Vortex) was that it looked more like a coffee shop rather than a shoe boutique. In the end, that was the feeling of Ivanka Trump as well. Once inside the boardroom, the ones who butted heads were Kate Gosselin and Vivica Fox, plus Fox and Shawn Johnson. When talking about Johnson not stepping up, Fox got very emotional though Johnson looked as though she didn’t think Fox was being sincere with her sorrow.

Ivanka Trump and Joan Rivers said they loved Fox’s team, but felt they forgot about the product with all the coffee. Trump told Moore that the experience side of things at their pop-up showroom was not on-brand, but Moore took her efforts to another level in originality, so Team Infinity was the winner.

In the end, Vivica Fox brought Kate Gosselin and Shawn Johnson back into the boardroom with her. Donald Trump takes into account that Johnson has not yet stepped up as a project manager and he sends her home.