Who Is Javonni Santos or Rickie Witherspoon on ‘Catfish’ TV Show?

Javonni Santos is the name of a girl named Miracle’s online love. MTV explores her journey to discover if he’s really who he is on the premiere episode of season 4 for TV show Catfish. With the help of radio personality Charlamagne Tha God, host Nev Schulman does some digging and tries to find out if Miracle has been misled. Javonni is supposedly a music producer and he supposedly met Miracle on Instagram. If you go to his Instagram profile, it’s made private, which you can see by clicking here.

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Javonni has claimed that he moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta for career opportunities and has said that his sister has Lupus. Miracle also received text messages from Javonni’s phone telling her to stay away from him. Javonni later told Miracle that that was his ex.

When Nev Schulman and Charlamagne start to track down “Javonni”, they come across a guy named Rickie Witherspoon. They reached out to the real Javonni, whose name is actually Jonathan and carry on a Skype conversation with him. He reveals that he knows no one in Milwaukee and Miracle begins to cry. Schulman contacts the guy who’s posing as Javonni and he tells him that he’s ready for the situation to be over, sending him a home address. Rickie Witherspoon is the man who’s been chatting with Miracle and he urges them to come inside his house. He keeps walking from room to room, which makes everyone a bit nervous. Schulman urges Rickie to just tell the truth. And the truth is that Rickie has had help from a girl named Kara, who was actually the mastermind behind it all and says that she is the one who has Lupus. Rickie is her husband. It was Kara online and via text, but she needed a man to be her voice, so that’s where her husband Rickie came in.

In the end, Kara and Miracle actually became very good friends and talk all the time.

Check out a clip from the episode above and we’ll be updating this post with all the most relevant information throughout the show premiere.

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