‘The Bachelor: After the Final Rose’ Spoilers: What to Expect on the Special

Tonight is the finale of The Bachelor 2015, where we find out that Chris Soules picks his fiancee and the reported winner is Whitney Bischoff. But, that’s not the only excitement of the night as we get to see the live After The Final Rose special, which directly follows the finale. Some have speculated that a big twist on the special is that Soules will change his mind about the girl he’s chosen, but that’s not the case as Soules has said he’s excited about his choice and is not looking back.

When Becca Tilley comes out to confront Chris Soules, she said that watching the episode was very difficult. She said she respected Soules’ honesty throughout the experience and the show helped her learn how to open herself up to find love.

Whitney Bischoff admitted to the public that she has only watched her own dates on the show and that she won’t watch the rest because she doesn’t feel she needs to. Plus, no woman wants to see her man kissing other women. It’s also revealed that after the proposal, Soules’ parents walked over to tearfully congratulate the couple on their engagement. Whitney then said, “We’re gonna make some babies and they’re gonna be freakin’ cute.” Then Soules said, “Fuck yeah.”

Some surprises that are rumored to be revealed on the ATFR special include Chris Soules joining the Dancing With the Stars season 20 cast and the announcement of The Bachelorette 2015. The rumored new star of the franchise is said to be Kaitlyn Bristowe. Chris Soules is also appearing on Good Morning America in the morning, so the DWTS announcement will probably come then … As far as The Bachelorette is concerned, for the first time ever it will be TWO stars – Kaitlyn Bristowe AND Britt Nilsson.

One announcement was that Ashley Salter said she “might” join Bachelor In Paradise this coming season. And then of course, Jimmy Kimmel decided to drop in and sit right in between the happy couple. He even poked fun at Ashley S., saying that she actually was thinking she was at the Price Is Right, not The Bachelor finale. Kimmel also told Whitney that he saw Becca keying her car in the parking lot. Kimmel then straight up says to Soules that, “Becca just wasn’t into you.” Finally, he surprises the couple with a big gift – a cow with a huge red bow on it … And if that wasn’t enough, Kimmel said the cow’s name was Juan Pablo.

Even though Soules and Whitney Bischoff are visibly happy together, the cheating rumors have already begun, with reports that Soules has broken up with his chosen fiancee and is seeing his ex-fiancee Sheena Schreck. Celeb Dirty Laundry writes that:

Chris Soules is caught cheating on Season 19 winner Whitney Bischoff with ex-fiancee Sheena Schreck after breaking up with the winner.

Sheena Schreck, Chris Soules Fiancee, Chris Soules Ex

(Sheena Schreck/Facebook)

Clearly this is not the case, especially with the way that Soules has been gushing to the media about how in love he is with Whitney.

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