Becca Tilley on ‘The Bachelor’ 2015

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We’ve watched Becca Tilley break out of her shell gradually over the course of the 2015 season of The Bachelor. When Chris Soules went to Tilley’s hometown and met her family, he was surprised to hear that she wasn’t an affectionate person. Nonetheless, it didn’t phase him. Even when Tilley confessed that she’s a virgin to Soules, he was a bit thrown, but did not hold her inexperience against her. One issue, however, is that Tilley may not be as into Soules as he has been into her. Soules stated that he was in love with two women, one of whom was Tilley, but she’s reportedly not the girl he ends up with. Us Weekly has reported that because of Tilley’s uncertainty in her future with Soules, he went with the girl who he felt he would have a sure future with – Whitney Bischoff.

When Soules opened up to his family about his feeling before the proposal, his father seemed convinced that his feelings were stronger for Tilley. However, Bischoff won over the family with her heartfelt speech over dinner. Plus, Tilley has a sit-down conversation with Soules’ mother and she cannot fully commit to a head-over-heels attitude like Bischoff.

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Host Chris Harrison told Us Weekly that:

Becca had a hard time opening up. She’s never been in love and she’s feeling a lot of things for the first time. That probably is a red flag.

In addition, Us Weekly reported that a source told them that both Tilley and Bischoff were the kind of women Soules would have never met in Iowa, so they appealed to different sides of him.

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