‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Premiere: Recap & Spoilers

Walking Dead Season 6

Check out all the highlights of the best moments that transpired during the very 1st episode airing of The Walking Dead’s Season 6 run. Be sure to head to the next two pages to get every detail on everything that occurred.

1. Rick and His Group Have to Enact a Quick Plan That Entails Killing a Mob of Zombies

The show recounts the moments where Rick had to take a life, in which Morgan saw him do it firsthand. Rick can then be seen speaking to a team of survivors about their plans to off a bunch of zombies. A nearby truck in the background falls over and causes everyone to rush into their plan. Morgan, Michonne, Glen and a few others get ready to defend themselves while one of the survivors complains that they truly aren’t ready. Flares can be seen going off as some of the undead horde make their way towards the group.

2. Rick and Morgan Rekindle Their Relationship; They Discover Something Disturbing…

A black and white filter is seen over a scene where Deanna tells Gabriel that he was wrong about Rick and the others. Abraham carries the dead body of Deanna’s husband and pours out a bottle of wine for him. Jessie’s son angrily walks off due to the death of his father. Glen races back to town with his enemy turned ally, plus Tara wakes up out of her injury state. Eugene pays everyone in the medical ward a visit and seems happy to see Tara awake. Carl gets up on the roof with his female friend to comfort her. Back in Rick’s home, Morgan lets him know that he was right all along about the current state of the world. Rick noted that he doesn’t take any reckless chances any longer.

Abraham sits by his lonesome and gives Sasha the peace sign when he spots her. The color comes back to the show as a car is seen speeding down the road. Rick tells all the survivors to stick to the plan. Everyone takes their positions and shoots off flares while staying clear of any leftover zombies. Daryl takes watch on his motorcycle. Back in the flashback black and white sequence, Rick and Daryl talk over their future plans. Back to the present, Abraham and Sasha are driving along the road and getting ready for whatever’s coming next.

We then get to see a past scene where Rick catches Morgan practicing his martial arts with his trusty staff. Rick inquires about who he learned that type of offense from and Morgan tells him he learned it from someone after the zombie plague began. After their small conversation, Eugene meets a new visitor who says he was a past member of Alexandria. Eugene seems untrustworthy of him and the people in his car, be he eventually lets them in. Scott and Anny are the two extra hands that have accompanied this new young black community member. Rick and Morgan walk along Alexandria’s streets to speak on how everything works in town.

Rick soon comes upon Gabriel and another Alexandria member as they’re digging graves for the folks who passed on. Deanna shows up to let them know that Rick’s right – those killers shouldn’t be laid to rest in town. Morgan seemed put off by what Rick did, but he still joined him to take the bodies outside of town. Back in the present, Rick, Morgan and Michonne hold their position while awaiting future orders. Morgan speaks to Michonne about their past place of residence. They have a fun exchange and talk about one more peanut butter bar being stolen from Morgan. Back in the past, Rick and Morgan make their drive to drop off the bodies they’ve been tasked with getting rid of. Morgan begins digging when all of a sudden, Rick hears something.

They both walk out further and come upon a massive mob of zombies. Jessie’s older son, who was trailing the both of them, almost gets killed by a set of zombies. Rick and Morgan save his life right in the nick of time.

3. Glen and His Crew Run Into a Huge Problem That Disrupts The Group’s Collective Plans

A huge army of zombies can be seen in the background as Daryl slowly leads them towards him on is motorcycle. A car pulls up alongside Darryl soon after. We then flash back to Rick, Morgan and Ron (Jessie’s son) overlooking the zombie horde. Ron followed them to see where his father was being buried. Rick takes note of the zombies while Morgan gets a good look at the trucks surrounding them all. Rick tells Ron that he’s unsafe and he needs to come back with him and Morgan back to Alexandria. All three men make their way back through the forest. Rick seems disturbed by something. Morgan takes note, but he then decides to help him bury the two bodies they came with.

Back in the present time, Glen and his group arrive at a building and go over their plan to release several zombies behind the building’s doors. They decide to crack open the doors, but then run into a roadblock – a gate is shut down right behind the door. Seems like their plan got a wrench thrown into their plan to free the zombies…

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