How to Call Shia LaBeouf: Tips on Getting Through

shia labeouf calls

Tips on how to call Shia LaBeouf during his Touch My Soul livestream. (Getty)

For three more days (through Dec. 13), Shia LaBeouf (and two assistants) will be answering phone calls from anyone in the world. He’s manning a call center in Liverpool and answering the phone by saying variations of: “Hi! You’ve reached LaBeouf, Ronkko, and Turner, can you touch my soul?”

Here are tips on how to call him and how to get through.

First, the number you need to call is: +44 (0)151 808 0771.  But remember, if you’re calling from the U.S., this is an international call.

LaBeouf is only accepting calls between 11 am and 6 pm GMT. Translated to Central time, that’s  5:00 am to 12:00 pm Central (or 6:00 am to 1:00 pm Eastern.) So you might want to get up early if you want to reach him, or call him over an early lunch break.

Keep in mind that you’re very unlikely to get through on your first call. Be prepared to call multiple times, reach busy signals, or have your call dropped. A reporter on Mashable spent 71 minutes trying to get through (and managed to get through twice.) Others have reported having to call 20 times or more before they were able to get through. One person on Reddit had to try 340 times before getting through.

Also, don’t expect to be able to listen to your call on the livestream, because the audio’s turned off. But you will be able to go back and find a transcription of your part of the call on the website.

You might want to write down what you plan on saying before you all. Many people have reported getting nervous and forgetting what they planned to say once the phone was answered. This poster on Reddit said: “Shia answered and said ‘…can you touch my soul?’ at which point I became nervous and hung up as what could I say to that?”

And expect a lot of competition for that call:

Not everyone’s going to try again tomorrow though:

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