Does Amina Buddafly Decide to Get an Abortion on ‘LHHNY’?

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Amina Buddafly is the wife of Peter Gunz and their rocky relationship is front-and-center on Love And Hip Hop: New York. From the beginning of the season, viewers were made away that Gunz’ longtime ex Tara Wallace had moved into the couple’s apartment building in order for Gunz to be closer to his children. It was also revealed that Wallace and Gunz had been sleeping together, cheating on Buddafly. Buddafly would be very upset when Gunz would not come home, but he insisted that he was sleeping on her couch to be close to his kids and that the relationship was platonic.

Finally, Buddafly and Wallace confront Gunz, who had been telling Wallace that his relationship with Buddafly was pretty much over. It came out that Gunz called Buddafly a one-night stand that basically went wrong. Buddafly flipped out, threw a phone at Gunz and then announced she was pregnant before leaving the room.

Since filming, it has been revealed that Tara Wallace is actually pregnant as well. However, recent Instagram photos show that Buddafly is not pregnant and that she is “going strong” with her man Gunz.

On tonight’s episode of LHHNY, Buddafly confides in Gunz’ daughter Whitney and tries to figure out what the best course of action is for her baby. It sounds like Buddafly decides to get an abortion, but we’ll have to wait and see. Buddafly tells the camera:

Despite everything that Peter has put me through I love him. But I know that loving him is hurting me. And Whitney’s right. It’s also hurting Cori, and that’s a lot to bear as a mother. I never want my child to suffer from my mistakes, so I’m trying to pick up the pieces and make the right decision moving forward.

Cori is the daughter that Amina Buddafly already has with Gunz.

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