Brad Pitt’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Brad Pitt at The Big Short premiere in 2015 (Getty)

Brad Pitt remains one of the world’s last truly bankable Hollywood superstars, with the kind of clout in front of and behind the cameras that most stars dream about. The Oklahoma-born actor began his career on television in the late 1980s, picking up uncredited roles in films along the way. His role in 1991’s Thelma & Louise put him on the path to stardom, along with films like True Romance, Twelve Monkeys and Seven. The hard work has paid off, even as his life off the screen has earned more notoriety.

Today, he’s worth millions. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Pitt’s net worth at $240 million. His second wife, Angelina Jolie-Pitt, is worth an estimated $160 million, making them one of Hollywood’s richest couples. Pitt is also known for his charitable causes and recently dedicated himself to helping New Orleans rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

On September 20, TMZ reported that Jolie filed for divorce and is not seeking spousal support. Forbes estimates that the couple have earned a combined $555 million in pretax earnings since 2004, when the two met while making Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Here’s how Pitt has earned his money and spent his money.

1. Jennifer Aniston & Pitt Reached $60 Million Divorce Settlement

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt at the Emmys in 2004 (Getty)

Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the hottest couple in Hollywood when they married in 2000. They stayed together until 2005, when Aniston filed for divorce. Glamour reports that the two reached a $60 million settlement, with Aniston taking $29 million and Pitt getting $31 million. Aniston also got their Beverly Hills mansion out of the deal, but Pitt now has control over the Plan B production company.

Plan B has been highly successful in recent years, especially at the Oscars. Pitt’s only Oscar win has come as a producer on 12 Years A Slave and he was also nominated for Best Picture as a producer on Moneyball and The Big Short.

2. Pitt’s Highest-Grossing Film Is the Zombie Movie ‘World War Z’

While Pitt has starred in high-grossing blockbusters like Oceans 11, Troy and Inglorious Basterds, the highest-grossing movie on his resume is actually 2013’s World War Z. Initially thought to be a bomb in the making, the film earned decent reviews and an even better response from audiences.

According to Box Office Mojo, World War Z grossed $202.3 million in the U.S. and $337.6 million in foreign territories. The Richest reports that Pitt earned $14 million for starring in the film, although Statistic Brain shows that he was paid $20 million for WWZ. Pitt also earned $20 million for starring in the World War II movie Fury in 2014.

Of course, Paramount is planning a sequel to World War Z, which hits theaters in June 2017.

3. He’s Appeared in Commercials That Only Air in China & Starred in a Weird Chanel Ad Campaign

Pitt has one of the most familiar faces among celebrities and brands around the world know that. Cadillac once paid him $3 million to appear in commercials that only appeared in China, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Perhaps his most famous – or infamous – ads were the fall 2012 Chanel commercials, which made him the brand’s first male face. He reportedly received over £4 million (about $5.8 million) to do them, but they were voted the worst ads of 2012, notes the Daily Mail. In each 30-second spot, Pitt delivered nonsensical soliloquies. Anna Karenina director Joe Wright, who directed the commercials, reportedly said he didn’t even know what they were about, notes Vulture.

The ads might have been bad, but they certainly got Chanel extra attention. The first ad has over 8.8 million views on YouTube.

4. Pitt & Jolie-Pitt Lived in a $60 Million Mansion in France

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the 2015 AFI Fest (Getty)

With a mansion like Château Miraval, it’s no wonder that the couple got married at home. According to People Magazine, the couple bought the 1,200-acre estate for an estimated $60 million in 2012. Some of the structures were build in the 17th century and it includes 35 rooms, tenant residences, olive groves, vineyards, a moat and a private lake.

In 2012, Pitt sold his Malibu mansion for $12 million to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Us Weekly notes that the home cost Pitt $4.8 million in 2005. Just a few months after buying it, DeGeneres and de Rossi sold the home for $13 million.

Pitt also loves motorcycles. The Daily Mail notes that he has around 10. When his son Maddox turned 11, Pitt gave him a Suzuki DRZ-125 motorbike, according to E! News.

5. His Current Charity Project Is Rebuilding New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina

In 2007, two years after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Pitt founded Make It Right, which aims to provide those in need with small homes that are environmentally friendly in the Lower 9th Ward. Pitt committed to building 150 homes and by August 2015, 109 homes were completed, reported.

While in the middle of filming The Big Short last year, Pitt was seen visiting residents of the first homes, The Daily Mail noted. In 2011, Pitt talked to DeGeneres about the foundation and suggested that similar plans could work elsewhere.